The Australian team has described their Speedway of Nations victory as nerve-racking as they clinched the title for the first time.
Australia beat reigning champions Great Britain in the Grand Final in Vojens to take the crown but not before having to contest a nail-biting qualifier against Sweden.
Riders Jack Holder and Max Fricke were in superb form however and came through both heats to finish the night with a historic Speedway of Nations gold medal around their necks.
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Captain Jason Doyle didn’t feature as first reserve rider but was no less thrilled with the result, paying tribute to his team-mates and team manager Mark Lemon afterwards.
“Nerve-wracking to be honest,” he said of having to watch than compete. “Like I said to Lemmo in the final, my heart rate was probably higher than what it would be on a bike. But the boys just did an amazing job tonight.
“Just shows that we've got great young talent coming through and, and we pulled it out when we needed to.
“He [Lemon] has been waiting 20 years for this to happen. And for a team manager, who puts so much heart and soul into this Australian team. This one's for Lemmo more than anyone else because he's worked his butt off.”
Fricke spoke of having to readjust their focus having to go through the qualifier against Sweden and then the Grand Final, but was proud of how he and Holder were able to perform in the decisive battles.
“It was tough. Obviously, it's nerve-wracking, having to go through a qualifying race before the final.
“But we were able to come out with the goods in that. And we just put our heads down, regrouped and went out again for the final.
“The starts were super important, Jack’s been riding unreal all night, so hats off to him. It was great all-round. And this is a massive one for us. It's been a long time coming."
An emotional Lemon agreed that it was difficult to have to face the Qualifier but also thinks the extra ride worked in their favour before facing Great Britain.
The team manager also spoke highly of his riders, including Doyle for influence despite not taking part in the final.
“For these boys, I'm just so proud of them,” he said. “There's been riders before, Chris Holder, Darcy Ward, and a host that probably deserved to have a team gold medal around their necks, but unfortunately, that wasn't their time. And these boys have stepped up to the plate and just rode their hearts and soul."

'They are the champions' - Australia beat Great Britain to win Speedway of Nations title

He added: “We talked about going through the runoff and instead of going straight to the final - not that we want to not get in the final but we thought maybe it was advantageous to go that way.
“Fortunately, it worked in our favour, but it was pretty nerve-racking.
"It was so hard for me to leave Jason out today. But these guys stepped it up. But Jason is just a tremendous captain and just a real pleasure to work with and he's just ‘Captain Australia’.
"I'm so proud to see him lift the trophy because he's deserved it probably more than most and what he's been through in his racing career and still to be at the top of the game."
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