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DFX drop Martin

DFX drop Martin
By Eurosport

21/03/2007 at 17:14Updated

World Superbike Championship team DFX Honda have dropped their Australian veteran Steve Martin due to a lack of funds.

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Martin, 38, was not at the official test at Valencia earlier this week, and has now been told that the team cannot afford to run his bike for the rest of the season.

“I'm absolutely gutted, not just for me but also my whole bike crew,” said Martin.

“Just before the start of the season I was reassured by DFX that they definitely had sufficient money to run both me and [team-mate Michel] Fabrizio for the whole year, and on that basis I decided to continue with the team, despite still having other options of rides at that time.

“So to now be told, just two races into the season, that the team doesn't actually have enough budget is unbelievable and puts me in a position that could have been avoided.”

Martin, who had previously taken pole positions on a DFX Ducati in 2003, has already began talking to rival teams in the hope of finding a ride.

He added: “I've obviously spent the day on the phone talking to everyone to try and secure funding or avenues for another ride, but as expected, so early into the season is not the time of the year to be trying to find either of those.”

Martin also confirmed that he would still travel to the next round of the championship at Donington Park in England in the hope of finding a ride elsewhere.

DFX will continue to run 22-year-old Italian Michel Fabrizio for the rest of the season, as Honda Europe are paying for his ride.