Lurz - formerly Liebs - set a new meet record on her way to winning the 200m freestyle in a time of 1:57.48.
She also clocked 55.54 - tied with teammate Petra Dallman - in the 100m freestyle, beat Olympic champion Yana Klochkova over the 400m medley and claimed the 200m backstroke.
Phelps breaks own record
18/02/2007 AT 06:52
German Lurz is one of the new wave of European swimmers - along with teammate Britta Steffen, French teenager Laure Manadou and Italian Alessia Fillipi - looking to challenge the dominance of the Australian women in the pool when the World Championships begin on March 25th.
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30/01/2007 AT 13:29
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30/01/2007 AT 06:53