NBC news reported Lochte was expected to be formally summoned with the US to be asked for help in bringing him to Brazil.
The news station reported on Thursday: “If Lochte does not show up, he could be charged by the public prosecutor and convicted in Brazil.”
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It is the latest twist in the bizarre story of 12-time Olympic medallist Lochte’s night out with three fellow-US Swimmers which ended in a story, later to be found misleading, in which he claimed their taxi was pulled over by men posing as policemen who then robbed them at gunpoint.
It later transpired that the three men had been involved in an altercation with security staff at a petrol station after they were found to have caused damage and urinated on a wall on the premises, which they were then asked to pay for.

Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps et le 4X200 américain champion olympique

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The situation escalated, with Lochte’s three team mates eventually prevented from leaving the country as they were quizzed by police over the incident, however Lochte had already returned to the US.
He later apologised for his part in the incident, admitting his behaviour had been irresponsible and that he should have been “more careful and candid” in his description of events.
In a bid to rehabilitate his tarnished public image, Lochte, who has since been dropped by a number of high-profile sponsors, such as swimming giants Speedo, has announced he will now appear on US television show Dancing With The Stars.
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