After the rivalry of England versus Scotland at Euro 2020, Olympic silver medallist Michael Jamieson insists the Tokyo Games will reunite Britain.
Jamieson experienced first-hand the power of a nation lifting British performances in 2012 as he swam his way to second place on the podium at the London Olympic Games in the 200m breaststroke.
Jamieson was speaking at a mural unveiling in Glasgow which aims to promote ‘Home Support' for Team GB athletes and the communities that stand behind them.
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The event at Ashton Secondary School saw Jamieson officially unveil a mural painted by street artist Dan McDermott.
And the Scottish swimmer hailed a campaign to bring communities together across the UK in a common goal of lifting a nation's medal hopes in Tokyo this summer.
"We come together really well as a nation but also do home rivalries pretty well," said Jamieson, 32
I think the football was enjoyed by both sides, but over the next four to six weeks we have an amazing opportunity to create a really strong Home Support campaign leading into the Olympics.
"Every four years we see a wave of passion and enthusiasm across the entire country for Olympic sport and I'm looking forward to seeing that again.
"It really does make a difference and that support can help an athlete achieve sensational results in Tokyo."
Jamieson is hoping the campaign will help recapture the energy and enthusiasm of the 2012 Olympics Games in London and believes it can help inspire athletes.
He said: "Sport does really bring people and communities together, if you look back at London 2012, we really saw that first-hand.
"The whole country was encapsulated by the games and in support of Team GB athletes and I think alongside Purplebricks and Team GB we're really looking to capture that same energy today.
"That sort of home support, including from friends and family, is really important especially since with Olympic sport it's such a long-term commitment to reaching the Games.
"This is a timely campaign, what with it only being a few weeks out from the start of the Olympics.
"If you look back to previous Olympic Games, that energy really brought the nation together.
"We're looking to create that same energy again and being here and seeing how these students have incorporated sport into the mural is really cool."
Jamieson also emphasised the influence of his local community, Glasgow, on his sporting development.
He said: "I think a number of people inspired me to become a professional athlete; it's always been a huge passion of mine.
Being from Glasgow, I was lucky to grow up around sport, competing, learning different movement skills, and sporting skills as a youngster and my passion for it just grew from there.
"I have really fond memories with my support team, obviously my friends and family but also athletes I trained with over the years who weren't able to get Olympic selection.
"It was important to me to have those guys with me in order for them to feel connected to the Games and feel part of that journey."
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