Synchronised diving is not a single-person sport. If it were, synchronising would become impossible or incredibly easy, depending on how you looked at it.
That's why Tom Daley and his partner, Daniel Goodfellow, have spent hours every day practising and training together ahead of the Olympics, where they won bronze in their event.
They are, clearly, partners in the sport, and work towards a telepathic understanding between the two of them.
Not that you would know that from the reaction to their success in Rio. Looking at the papers from last night, most of the attention has focussed on Daley alone, and have even omitted to name Goodfellow from many of the headlines.
In some ways, it's understandable. Newspapers have to appeal to the mass market and Daley's celebrity outside of the sport has made him one of Britain's most recognisable Olympic athletes. But more reasonably, one might wonder how Goodfellow will ever become recognisable if nobody ever shows his face or name to the public.