15/01/19 - Rod Laver Arena
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Australian Open men • 1st Round

Novak Djokovic - Mitchell Krueger
Australian Open men - 15 January 2019

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DJOKOVIC IS THROUGH! 6-3, 6-2, 6-2. The world number one is through to the second round of the Australian Open. Krueger played above himself, it was a good match, but in the end Djokovic, as you would expect had the edge in terms of quality.


Djokovic 5-2 KRUEGER* (6-3, 6-2): That should be it for the world number one. Djokovic lets out a roar as he takes his second break point and he will now serve for a straight sets win and a place in the second round.


*DJOKOVIC 4-2 Krueger (6-3, 6-2): Krueger has had his moments and the American is certainly competitive against the world number one! But Djokovic is just winning the big points, dictating the big moments.


Djokovic 3-2 KRUEGER* (6-3, 6-2): Finally, Djokovic has the break in this third set. He had to work for it! Krueger has ben good fun at the net and is letting rip with his ground strokes now. Djokovic handling it, though.


*DJOKOVIC 2-2 Krueger (6-3, 6-2): The world number one doesn't look happy out there. He doesn't want this match to be dragging on, but he gets out of his service game in a hurry.


Djokovic 1-1 KRUEGER* (6-3, 6-2): Impressive fight from Krueger, who lets out a roar after saving FIVE break points! Djokovic is cruising, but still can't get a real grip of the American.

Australian Open, Novak Djokovic

*DJOKOVIC 1-1 Krueger (6-3, 6-2): That's perhaps the best shot that Djokovic has played all match, clinching the game with a screwed forehand crosscourt winner from the baseline.


Djokovic 0-1 KRUEGER* (6-3, 6-2): The American qualifier needed that to keep him competitive in this third set. Djokovic had a break point, but with the pressure on Krueger finds some good serving and a passing shot to get out of trouble.


SECOND SET TO DJOKOVIC, 6-2! We have played one hour and 11 minutes and the world number one has a two sets to love lead. He has dropped just five games so far and is in complete control. 6-3, 6-2.


Djokovic 5-2 KRUEGER* (6-3): Krueger forces Djokovic to serve out the second set, and once again the world number one has a stare at the American. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, to be honest.


*DJOKOVIC 5-1 Krueger (6-3): It feels like the world number one is in a hurry now, although that caused him a problem at a point in that game. It was almost as if Djokovic was rushing, but he holds regardless.


Djokovic 4-1 KRUEGER* (6-3): Another break for the world number one and Djokovic is in complete control in this second set. The Serbian sent a couple of glares the way of Krueger during that game. Not sure what that was all about.


*DJOKOVIC 3-1 Krueger (6-3): The American just couldn't get into that Djokovic service game, sending the tweener into the net on game point and the number one seeds holds to love.


Djokovic 2-1 KRUEGER* (6-3): The American qualifier needed that just to give him a foothold in this second set, otherwise the match would get away from him very quickly indeed.


*DJOKOVIC 2-0 Krueger (6-3): Good serving from Djokovic and he holds his serve. The highlight of that game came at 15-0 when the Serbian managed to strike the net cord three times in a row with his first serve!


Djokovic 1-0 KRUEGER* (6-3): There's an early break for the number one seed, but he had to work for it. Krueger managed to save three break points, but he couldn't save a fourth one and Djokovic passes him at the net with a backhand.


FIRST SET DJOKOVIC! 6-3. The world number one clinches out the first set 6-3, although the point of that last game belonged to Krueger, who got the better of Djokovic at the net. Regardless, the Serbian is up and running.


Djokovic 5-3 KRUEGER*: That's disappointing from the American qualifier. Djokovic didn't really have to work for that break. It was Krueger's errors that handed him the break. The number one seed will serve for the first set.


*DJOKOVIC 4-3 Krueger: The number one seeds edges ahead once again in this first set. He found some really good length on his ground strokes from the back of the court in that service game.


Djokovic 3-3 KRUEGER*: Another hold from Krueger. He has started okay here, although Djokovic had a break point and he's annoyed with himself that he didn't make more of that chance.


Of course, he's since recovered that break, but this sets the scene.


*DJOKOVIC 3-2 Krueger: That's better from Djokovic, who holds to love. Solid serving from the Serbian, who looks to have found his stride after a shaky start to this first round match.


Djokovic 2-2 KRUEGER*: That early break only seems to have woken up Djokovic, who breaks back immediately. The highlight of that game was a lovely sliced volley at the net, down at his feet, from Djokovic. It just clipped the outside of the line.


*DJOKOVIC 1-2 Krueger: Well, an early break and it's gone to the American qualifier. That was a really sloppy service game from the number one seed, whose strategy to attack from the start isn't really working.


Djokovic 1-1 KRUEGER*: A limp backhand into the middle of the net on the first point suggested a struggle on Krueger's first service game, but he finds some depth and Djokovic sends a forehand into the net on game point at 40-30. Hold for the American.


*DJOKOVIC 1-0 Krueger: There were times last season when Djokovic struggled with his serve, particularly in the first half of the season, but he's got it working early on here and holds to 15 in the opening game. Great angle on a forehand to clinch the game.


Okay, here we go... Djokovic to serve first!


Not long until we get under way here. The two players are warming up on Rod Laver Arena.


So the number one seed in the men's draw faces his first round bow at the Australian Open. Djokovic is the red hot favourite to clinch the first Grand Slam of the season. A good start is expected.


Good morning! Rise and shine! Welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of Day Two of the Australian Open. We'll be focusing on the first round match between Novak Djokovic and Mitchell Krueger on Rod Laver Arena.