Gavrilova and Falconi are knocking up.

D. Saville vs I. Falconi | Australian Open
Women's Singles | Round 1 | 15.01.2018 | Rod Laver Arena
D. Saville (23)
D. Saville (23)

I. Falconi
I. Falconi
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Tom Adams
Tom Adams
Updated 15/01/2018 at 11:20 GMT
Anyway, we're done in here, but do join me next door for King-Tsonga.
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Gavrilova 6-1 6-1 Falconi
Two more big forehands into the backhand corner, and Falconi has no response. But 1 and 1 doesn't quite tell the story of this match; Gavriolva took her time getting going, and the games were not straightforwardly won. Still, she sails through and will play Elise Mertens next. That will be much more of a test.
Gavrilova 6-1 5-1 Falconi
The home favourite dashes off another game and Falconi will now serve to stay in the match.
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Gavrilova 6-1 4-1 Falconi
Falconi is game but just doesn't have the quality to compete over a sustained period. Gavrilova restores her double-break advantage, and is very nearly home.
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Gavrilova 6-1 3-1 Falconi
Gavriolva breaks again, but whaddaya know?! Her run of nine on the spin comes to an end when she tamely slices into the net. The comeback is on!
Gavrilova 6-1 2-0 Falconi
Falconi plays a good game, getting to deuce, but three successive big forehands into the backhand corner are too much for her, and that's now eight in a row for Gavrilova.
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Gavrilova 6-1 1-0 Falconi
One-way traffic on Laver now; Gavrilova wins her seventh game in a row to break. Falconi can't compete with her consistency.
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Gavrilova 6-1 Falconi
Unbelievable reactions at the net, stop-volleying a backhand drive when the point looked lost, gives her 30-15, and she quickly brings up two set-points. And she only needs one, a high backhand volley eliciting a tame response, sliced wide. That wasn't really a 6-1 set, except for the fact that it was.
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Gavrilova 5-1 Falconi
Gavrilova now has a double break, and will shortly serve for the set.
Gavrilova 4-1 Falconi
Gavrilova consolidates nicely and now looks comfortably in control of the set.
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Gavrilova 3-1 Falconi
A wild forehand from Falconi drops wide, and Gavrilova has break point, to the excitement of the home crowd. Falconi saves it though but at the end of a nine-minute game, she is a break down.
Gavrilova 2-1 Falconi
Gavrilova is serving well now, and a forehand error from Falconi gives her the game to 30.
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Gavrilova 1-1 Falconi
Gavrilova is into things now, breaking back immediately.
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Gavrilova 0-1 Falconi
Well what about that? Gavrilova goes wide with an inside-out forehand, and the qualifier has a break in the first game!