WTA Finals champion Svitolina seemed a bit reticent to discuss her relationship with the French star when quizzed about his presence in her player’s box for her second round victory in Melbourne.

Svitolina speechless after question over relationship with Monfils

In the press conference after that win she opened up a little, telling the media:
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He's there for me. He's there [to] support me and I'm there for him as well. He understands, I understand what he's going through. Yeah we are dating.
And now it’s Instagram official too.
Not only did Monfils and Svitolina post a charming video montage of the two of them going about their daily lives together (Jenga??), soundtracked by various songs, they did so on a brand new Instagram account dedicated to the new power couple in tennis: g.e.m.s life.
It doesn’t take an intellect the size of Alan Turing’s to decode this: Gael Elina Monfils Svitolina.
Lovely stuff.
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