Eyebrows were raised this week when Thiem confirmed that Muster would no longer be working with him, having spent the opening two matches of the tournament in his box.
Thiem’s decision meant that the former world No. 1 had only spent a fortnight working with the current world No. 5.
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"We ended our working relationship," Thiem explained on Saturday. "It did not fit. It's easy like that. It is just about work. We get along well personally, and we said in the beginning, if anything is not all right we will tell each other."
In an interview with Eurosport, Muster said that he expected to be coaching Thiem for two years – and hinted that the opportunity was not at all what he had expected…

'There are houses which look nice from the outside...' - Muster speaks out after Thiem axe

"He's a fine guy and likes to learn a lot,” Muster told Becker on Eurosport.
“But he has also got some shortcomings he has to work on if he wants to be at the top. He has improved a lot, but he to catch up in the technical, physical and foremost in the mental area.
“To be honest I have seen myself in this role for the next two years. Why he has chosen differently - I know why, but I don't want to say the details.
It is like this: There are houses which look nice from the outside, wonderful from the outside, but you rarely know who lives inside.
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