Tiley said in an interview he expects some of the sport's biggest stars to head to Australia at the end of the year to begin their preparation.

"All of the top players, both on the women's side and the men's side, they look at Australia to possibly come here early in December," he told The Age.

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"You're going to be in an environment where you feel safe, the sun is shining and most of them are coming from the northern hemisphere where it will be the middle of winter … and they can play right through until the end of January.

"Most of them – Roger Federer included – is not playing the rest of the year and is looking to the Australian Open to launch 2021.

"In fact all of them I've spoken to – there's not one that hasn't – are looking to the beginning of 2021 and the beginning of the new season as the new hope for tennis globally.

"I personally think that some of the top players will be in doubt [for the rest of 2020] and that's simply because they may feel it's too soon. It's nothing against the US Open."

Tiley reiterated that the tournament will take place in Melbourne, despite offers from neighbouring cities to take it on.

"Heaven and earth will be moved to make it work in Melbourne. I don't see any scenario possible where the Australian Open would move."

The Australian Open will take place in January 2021. Wimbledon was cancelled this year for the first time since the Second World War, and the US Open is scheduled to start on August 31, with Roland Garros following three weeks later.

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