Thanasi Kokkinakis was denied a point in very strange fashion during his match against Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Australian Open after a ball fell from his shorts.
Fending off three break points at 3-1 down in the third set, the Australian thought he was about to win a crucial point when Tsitsipas's forehand sailed beyond the baseline.
But just as the ball was landing long, the umpire shouted, "Play a let!", due to another ball falling out of Kokkinakis's shorts at a nightmare moment.
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While it seemed horribly unfair on the 24-year-old from Adelaide, who was going to win the point, the umpire did actually make the correct intervention.
Kokkinakis, perhaps understandably, did not see it that way.
"I didn't play another shot," argued Kokkinakis, incensed that he was being denied the point.
It had no interference on the play. No one touched the ball!

Watch strange moment ball falls out of Kokkinakis' shorts mid-point

The umpire responded: "I understand that, but I called it while the ball was still in play.
"I agree with you, but I called it so we have to replay [the point]."
Kokkinakis shot back: "So is that wrong from you, or...?"
The umpire replied: "It's just unfortunate that this time it happened like this."
Of course, the umpire did not know that the ball was going to land long, so made the correct call in judging a let and simply had no choice but to do so.
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