Dan Evans, when locked in a brutal tussle with fellow Brit Cam Norrie, got two warnings within seconds from the umpire during their Australian Open clash.
Evans was on serve and had been taken to an extended deuce in a long service game that had already passed the five-minute mark when he let his temper get the better of him.
The 30th seed stood at the back of the court in the Melbourne sun and held his towel over his face as he attempted to compose himself - unsuccessfully.
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But he then boiled over and let rip at the umpire. He was immediately given a code violation for his foul language.
"Stop saying f***ing that!" Evans yelled.
Get going! Get going! What is that?
Warning: the below video contains expletives

Evans gets both code and time violations for foul-mouthed response

After receiving the code violation, he added: "It's not that simple!"
The umpire then proceeded to give him a time violation as the still fuming Evans stood on the service line trying to gather himself.

'That's some return!' - Norrie destroys Evans serve

Evans, clearly still raging, finally got back down to serve and the match continued.
Norrie prevailed with a 6-4 4-6 6-4 7-5 victory and could end up facing Rafael Nadal in the third round.

Highlights: Norrie overcomes Evans in all-British clash

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