Nick Kyrgios continued his ongoing tiff with Novak Djokovic by mocking his famous celebration before his second-round doubles match at the Australian Open.
The Australian duo went on to lose to fourth seeds Lukasz Kubot and Wesley Koolhof on Margaret Court Arena as their freewheeling doubles partnership came to an early end.
Even before the match began, Kyrgios found a way to grab the attention as he walked out on court mocking Djokovic's celebration and the lack of fans while Kokkinakis laughed.
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Asked after the match about the celebration, Kyrgios said sarcastically: "Just feeling the love. Just trying to spread the good word of the celebration. Everyone loves that celebration. It’s well liked.
“We’re just having some fun. Novak, I’m sure, doesn’t like me and we both have respect for each other, but I don’t like him at all, so it’s fun.”
It is just the latest episode in a seemingly endless squabble between the pair, mostly dominated by the 25-year-old attempting to provoke the Serb, who has said he does not respect him off the court.
Eurosport's Mats Wilander has noted that, while Djokovic would "like an end" to the ongoing spat, Kyrgios is clearly still relishing it, and that was abundantly clear once again with this mock celebration.

Kyrgios mocks Djokovic with celebration before doubles match

The Kyrgios-Kokkinakis doubles pairing has repeatedly turned up notable drama after their opening-round match on Saturday delivered a number of amusing moments.
Kyrgios 'threw his doubles partner under the bus', embarrassing Kokkinakis in their post-match press conference with a cheeky comment.
When conversation in their press conference after the match moved to tactics and communication around the court, Kyrgios seized on the opportunity to embarrass his partner.
"I don't know, there was actually a bit of talk out there today, tactical wise," Kyrgios said, in response to Kokkinakis suggesting there was, "One per cent tactical" communication between them.
Well I'm a taken man, so he was talking to me about girls most of the time!

'He's just thrown me under the bus!' - Kyrgios embarrasses Kokkinakis with 'girls' comment

"What?!" Kokkinakis hit back.
He's just thrown me under the bus right here!
"But that's not true," he continued, his face suddenly bright red.
"We were just having fun. It was definitely more just rubbish."
There was also drama before their opening match even began when Kyrgios and Kokkinakis received a time violation for being too slow to leave their chairs.

'Good job!' - Kyrgios and Kokkinakis get warning BEFORE match

"But we were waiting for you to say, 'Time'," argued Kyrgios.
"So you can't just give us a warning? You can just say, 'Are you guys ready?', or? Nah, you're doing a good job! Very good."
Then to close out the match, Kyrgios fired a huge ace out wide before hammering another ball out of the stadium in delight.

'Too good' - Kyrgios wins doubles match with ace, fires ball out of stadium

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