Eurosport's Mats Wilander has given his thoughts on how long Rafael Nadal can continue playing professional tennis before he retires from the sport.
The 36-year-old roared back in 2022 with two more Grand Slam singles titles in Melbourne and Paris, taking his record-breaking tally to 22, ahead of his rival Novak Djokovic.
There is constant speculation about his potential retirement plans after having battled through so many injuries in his illustrious career with his great friend Roger Federer having bowed out from the sport.
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Wilander has shared some of his thoughts on Nadal's future and his prospects heading into the 2023 tennis season with the Australian Open getting underway at Melbourne Park in under two months' time.
"I would think that after you won your last Grand Slam tournament, there are about three or four years left in you, for sure, especially if you keep your ranking in the top eight," Wilander told Eurosport.
"If you have just won the Australian Open and the French Open in 2022, I would say you have three or four more years.
"I don't care about the fact that Rafa turns 40 in four years. I don't think it matters because you are going to have in your mind 'hey, kids, I've done this now since I was 17-18 years old'.

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"It is five sets, that is a marathon, but if you sprint, you are going to kill yourself, you are going to get too tired, and if you walk, he will be faster than you.
"I think that keeping his ranking up is going to be very tough. Winning another Grand Slam is going to be easier, much easier, than being in the top three in the world in the rankings because you don't need that.
"You can just try to pinpoint your events to pick at the right time. It is the week before the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon, and the US Open and you can find form and feel it.
"Rafa knows what he is looking for: he knows emotionally what he is looking for; he knows physically what he is looking for.
"He knows how much he has to train to have any chance of achieving that feeling, both physically and mentally. If his injuries are okay, I think he is going to get there.
"Then you have to win points at 30-30, 4-4 in the fifth set, you have 10 different choices, and only one of them is correct and how to make that decision right is key.
"There is a lot of luck involved, for sure. I think Rafa is going to need a bit of luck, but he would say he always got a bit of luck. When you win that much, you need a bit of luck, and so I think he is going to be back."
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