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French Open men • Semifinal

Andy Murray - Stan Wawrinka
French Open men - 9 June 2017

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Paul Hassall

GAME, SET AND MATCH! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 1-6 WAWRINKA. Stan is the Man as he breaks once again with a belting backhand winner to book his place in the 2017 Roland Garros final. The Swiss was just too strong in the deciding set after World No.1, Murray had battled hard throughout an epic tussle lasting four hours and 35 minutes. Wawrinka will now bid for a fourth Grand Slam title (and his second at the French Open) when he meets either Dominic Thiem or Rafael Nadal on Sunday.

Stan Wawrinka bei den French Open 2017

BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 1-5 WAWRINKA. Muzza avoids the bagel as he capitalises on a sloppy service game from a relaxed Stan on his second BP. A comeback is not going to happen, but he will want to make the scoreline more respectable after a such a close match prior to this decider.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 0-5 WAWRINKA. This is turning into a sad finale to an epic match. A tired Murray looks to have nothing left as Wawrinka breaks yet again. He'll serve for a place in the final (and a bagel) next.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 0-4 WAWRINKA. 'Let's go' cries Murray as he works himself into a 0-30 lead. It doesn't last as Stan hits harder and surges through four points in a row to back up the double break. That was surely the World No.1's last real chance to turn this semi final around. Wawrinka two away from Sunday's showpiece occasion versus Nadal or Thiem.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 0-3 WAWRINKA. Stan is in one of those purple patches again and it may well win him the match. Murray defends valiantly and tries to lift himself, but the huge blows are coming off both of Wawrinka's wings. A crunching overhead tees up BP and the Swiss secures the double break with a wicked backhand that is just too much, even for Muzza's defence.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 0-2 WAWRINKA. Stanimal has the prey in his sights and hungrily picks apart Murray's fatiguing return game with a hold to love. Big, big game for Muzza next.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 0-1 WAWRINKA. Stan has the momentum! The Swiss comes out all guns blazing and Murray looks a tad flat. He offers up double BP and drops serve on the first with a tired pick-up shot into the net.


Who has the edge now?


5pm local time and still a set to go before we see Nadal and Thiem!


SET! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-7 WAWRINKA. We are heading into a decider as the clock moves beyond the four-hour mark! Murray can't quite work his way back into the breaker from 4-2 down and faces three BPs at 6-3. Wawrinka makes it count on the first as he rifles a return winner well beyond Murray's reach to take it 7-3.

RG 2017 : Wawrinka v Murray : great point

TB LATEST: Stan blows a 2-0 lead with a pair of wild forehands before a big serve and a Murray dropshot error put him 4-2 up at the changeover.


TIE BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 6-6 WAWRINKA. More delightful touches from Muzzard. He produces a delicately cushioned volley under pressure at 15-15 before surging through the next two points to secure the breaker.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 5-6 WAWRINKA. Stan conjures up another easy hold to love, lashing down a fourth ace of the match along the way. Can Murray stay firm and force the TB and a chance to win this pulsating semi final?


What a battle.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 5-5 WAWRINKA. Stan 'does a Murray' as he somehow wins one of the points of the contest from a seemingly desperate position to get a foothold in the game at 15-15. However, he undoes his good work by following it up with three wild shots that allows Muzza to level; a stunning return winner being the odd-one-out sandwiched between them.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 4-5 WAWRINKA. After coming under the cosh a number of times in this set, Wawrinka finds his own easy hold to love. Pressure on Murray to hold and stay in the set now...


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 4-4 WAWRINKA. That's a supreme love hold from Murray. He's been the better player in this set, but it remains all square as we enter the business end of things.


Interesting that a match needs to go to a decider to be roundly regarded as a classic.



MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 3-4 WAWRINKA. Stan produces a pass on the run down the line that is off this planet to edge in front as Murray went in for the kill at 30-30. The Scot refuses to go away and makes deuce before Wawrinka finds some big serves to shovel his way out of trouble. These players are producing some mesmerising tennis at times.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 3-3 WAWRINKA. Murray unloads a deep forehand winner that clips the baseline and bewitches Wawrinka with a sublime dropshot before clinching a very confident hold with another bulldozer of a crosscourt forehand. He's in the groove right now.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 2-3 WAWRINKA. Two big shouts of 'Come on' from Stan as he squeezes through a tough hold from a rather delicate position at 15-30. Murray annoyed with himself for allowing the Swiss to reach 30-30, crying 'make it' after missing what he felt was a good opening for double BP.


Murray's exceptional in-game tactics are quite rightly being admired in the Twittersphere.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 2-2 WAWRINKA. Murray competing hard in some brutal rallies and Stan's error count keeps creeping up. The Scot works his way through a solid hold to 15, finishing with a big serve that's too hot to handle.


Interesting stat from Mr Bradnam.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 1-2 WAWRINKA. Fine play from the Swiss. Murray cranks up the heat at 15-30, but the No.3 seed storms back to stay in front early in the fourth.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 1-1 WAWRINKA. More resilience from Murray as he hits back from 0-30 to reel off four points in a row and get on the board.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 0-1 WAWRINKA. Stan picks himself up off the floor (metaphorically speaking), dusts himself off and pulls off an assured hold to 15 to make a fine start to set 4.


PHOTO: Awesome Andy.

Andy Murray of Great Britain reacts during the men's singles semi final match against Stan Wawrinka of Suitzerland

He's right up there.


SET! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 7-5 WAWRINKA. Murray serves it out on the first of two set points and takes a 2-1 lead in what has been a quite sensational spectacle. The Scot is oozing confidence right now, showing a nonchalant touch at the net for a cute volley on his way to a super hold. It's a bruising battle with both players giving everything. Now, how will Stan respond this time?


How? That's the reaction to much of Murray's defensive brilliance.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 6-5 WAWRINKA. Stan will be having nightmares about Murray's defence. The Scot gets to what seems like an easy overhead and Wawrinka makes the error at the net to tee up triple BP. The Swiss saves one, but Murray turns defence into attack with a slice down the line that his opponent dumps into the net. The World No.1 will now serve for the set!


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 5-5 WAWRINKA. Stan fires long on two occasions and allows Murray out of what could have been a pressure situation when he loops a defensive lob beyond the baseline. An easy hold for the Brit.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 4-5 WAWRINKA. This is some tennis match. Murray works hard to tee up double BP but wastes both with uncharacteristic misses. Stan blasts down a third ace of the contest and pulls off an important hold with an emphatic overhead to finish.


You said it, Pat!


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 4-4 WAWRINKA. Muzza wins the one of the points of the match at 15-15 as he follows up a drop shot with a lob and a slice volley to finish. He then produces stunning defence before forcing an error on the volley at the net from Stanimal with a pass on the stretch. Wawrinka sizzles wide with a crosscourt forehand in the concluding rally and the Scot somehow snares the hold to 15. Incredibly, Murray is level in this set.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 3-4 WAWRINKA. Smart defence earns Murray two break point opportunities, but Wawrinka's precision power at key moments proves too good. Murray refuses to let him wriggle free and cracks a scorching, crosscourt backhand winner to break back at the third attempt from deuce. Wonderful resilience from Murray who keeps on battling despite being on the back foot for long spells in this contest.


Will this big error cost Muzza the set?


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 2-4 WAWRINKA. Murray's revival ends prematurely. The World No.1 can only watch Wawrinka wave that trademark wand for a winner down the line before dragging a crosscourt backhand wide. The Scot somehow saves double break point and then a third from deuce, but he gifts it to Stanimal on his fourth opportunity with a glaring miss at the net.


He certainly did - but can he back it up?


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 2-3 WAWRINKA. Stan's purple patch begins to wane - and a re-focused Murray bites back! The Scot works his way into the game by winning a face-off at the net for 15-30 and goes on to force deuce. Stan blazes inches wide on Muzza's left flank and the Scot attacks from the off on the next point, luring the error out of a stretched Wawrinka.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 1-3 WAWRINKA. Murray stops the rot with a much better service game for the loss of one point. 'Come on,' he says to himself. Can one of the game's great fighters work his way back into this?


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 0-3 WAWRINKA. Make that seven in a row for Wawrinka. Murray tires to lift himself with a scream of 'Come on!' at 0-15, but the Swiss marauds through the next four points to consolidate with ease. Murray in big trouble.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 0-2 WAWRINKA. Stan beginning to pull away from a World No.1 who is looking sluggish right now. It's a sixth straight game and another break as Muzza fizzes just wide looking to make the sanctuary of deuce.


Murray needs to lift himself like Stan did in the second set. One-way traffic right now.


MURRAY 7-6 3-6 0-1 WAWRINKA. Murray struggling to combat a Stanimal who is on fire right now. The Swiss motors to a love hold and has the scoreboard advantage at the start of set 3.


SET! - MURRAY 7-6 3-6 WAWRINKA. Murray's level drops as Stan's continues to rise and the Brit is inevitably broken for a second time as a 30-15 lead evaporates. Stan seals the set at his first opportunity, brutally crunching a forehand return beyond the hapless Muzza.


MURRAY 7-6 3-5 WAWRINKA. No repeat of the first set. Stan consolidates the break with a hold from deuce, despite a wobble from a commanding position at 30-0 up. The Swiss is one away from levelling the match at 1-1.


BREAK! - MURRAY 7-6 3-4 WAWRINKA. This time Stan makes the breakthrough. The Swiss has been battering Murray's defence and is gifted triple break point when Murray double faults. A scorching winner deep to the baseline seals an outstanding break to love and the World No.1 is in trouble in this set.


MURRAY 7-6 3-3 WAWRINKA. Murray left lamenting another fruitless foray into the net as he's passed by Stan on a point he should have won at 0-15. The No.3 seed accepts the reprieve and rattles through the next three points to easily level. This truly is a high-class, closely fought contest worthy of this stage.


MURRAY 7-6 3-2 WAWRINKA. The World No.1 is digging very deep at times as Stan launches wave after wave of attack. The Scot can only admire a trademark backhand winner down the line and a crosscourt forehand howitzer as the Swiss turns the screw to get to deuce. Murray has his chances to edge over the line, but struggles with depth and allows Wawrinka to pass him for the first BP of the set. It's saved with a super-charged first serve which is followed by a scream of 'Let's go!' Another big serve tees up the forehand winner to Stan's left flank and Muzza is clearly relieved to get through a big test unscathed on this occasion.


This was Murray's best moment of the match so far....


MURRAY 7-6 2-2 WAWRINKA. That will do Stan the Man a whole lot of good. The Swiss has started the set in determined mood and he gives the new balls a good pounding as he bulldozes to a love hold.


MURRAY 7-6 2-1 WAWRINKA. Murray doing enough to keep his nose in front. At 40-15 he guides long after a face-off at the net, but a horrible miscue from Stan seals the hold in the ensuing point.


This was Murray at his resilient best in the tie-break


MURRAY 7-6 1-1 WAWRINKA. Murray's defiant defence proving an almighty itch for Stan to scratch. The Swiss prods a poor volley long to give the Scot a sniff of the break at 15-30, but battles through the errors with some big hitting to level from deuce.


He might have won that first set, but this was a still a nice point for Wawrinka in the tie-break


MURRAY 7-6 1-0 WAWRINKA. Murray buoyed and in the zone right now. His point-by-tactics work a treat as he blazes to a hold to 15 to snare the scoreboard advantage at the beginning of set 2.




SET! - MURRAY 7-6 WAWRINKA. Murray comes through a rollercoaster tie break 8-6 as Wawrinka fires into the net on a second serve. It was a titanic battle throughout a lung-bursting set lasting 68 minutes. It's a huge psychological boost for Muzza, but what will that do for Stanimal?

Andy Murray

TB LATEST: Simply sensational from Murray. A ridiculous defence and a sublime crosscourt lob see him move 7-6 ahead. Murray will now serve for the set...


TB LATEST: Murray saves it! A deep return and Stan sizzles into the net. It's 6-6 and another change of ends.


TB LATEST: Murray misses his own sitter on the forehand and then the power of Stan proves too much as he moves level to 4-4. Murray then shows just how good his hands are with some ridiculous juggle-style defence before an instinctive crosscourt pass secures another mini break for 5-4. Muzza has the ascendancy in the ensuing point but allows Stan back in and the Swiss wins a battle at the net for set point. It's 6-5 with Stan to serve...


TB LATEST: Murray has the slight advantage at the change of ends, leading 4-2. Stan has only himself to blame with a double fault, a miscue and what seemed like an imminent winner that caught the net and flew wide.


TIE BREAK! - MURRAY 6-6 WAWRINKA. Murray encounters more resistance from the wind than Stan, but overcomes the bizarre sight of a drop shot swirling horribly wide to force the tie break with a hold to 30.


PHOTO: Stretch-man Stan.

Stan Wawrinka à Roland-Garros

MURRAY 5-6 WAWRINKA. The Swiss seems to have finally shrugged off the dismay of failing to serve it out and has now piled the pressure back Murray's way. A comfortable hold to 30 guarantees a tie break. Over to Murray to keep his nerve and take it to the wire.


Magnificent Murray.


MURRAY 5-5 WAWRINKA. Murray almost looks like he's enjoying this now. He wins a top-class rally at the net to move 40-0 up and takes the game when Stan slips, allowing the Scot to steer a winner into the open court. All square.


Typical Murray grit.


BREAK! - MURRAY 4-5 WAWRINKA. Wonderful defence from Murray. He survives a barrage of powerhouse attacks from both sides to tease an error into the tramlines from Stan to earn a BP. The Swiss looks all set to cancel it out, but Murray somehow steers a looping defensive shot to the baseline and eventually forces his opponent to sizzle long of the baseline. Real resolve from Murray who is back in it and can level if he holds firm next.


VIDEO: Muzza in trouble.


BREAK! - MURRAY 3-5 WAWRINKA. Stanimal strikes first blood on a second break point as he follows up a bullet crosscourt forehand with a lovely pass. Murray was his own worst enemy for much of the game with a trio of forehand errors and a double fault contributing to his struggles. Wawrinka will now serve for the set...


MURRAY 3-4 WAWRINKA. The Swiss No.3 seed continues to attack down both wings with pace, but the precision is beginning to dip in and out. A pair of errors allow Murray back in it from 40-15 down, but Stan's radar kicks in from deuce and he seals the hold.


MURRAY 3-3 WAWRINKA. Superb from Murray. He's made 76 per cent of his first serves and it's paying off early doors as he cruises to his own love hold.


Blink and you'll miss it!


MURRAY 2-3 WAWRINKA. Too easy. Wawrinka motors to another love hold in double-quick time.


MURRAY 2-2 WAWRINKA. Murray makes life difficult for himself when he fails to put away an overhead at 40-15 and allows Stan to whip a devastating crosscourt pass beyond him. The Swiss then flashes a thunderous return winner to make deuce before Murray gets it done with a pair of clever serves.


A real shame.


This is already developing into a real battle.

Stan Wawrinka of Suitzerland and Andy Murray of Great Britain pose

MURRAY 1-2 WAWRINKA. There's no doubt Wawrinka has the bigger weapons off either flank, but Murray's defence is right up there with the very best. The Scot works his way to a break point with a smart drop shot to bamboozle the Swiss, but Wawrinka rampages back and gets the job done from deuce courtesy of some impressive power.

Stan Wawrinka

MURRAY 1-1 WAWRINKA. Murray moves level but it's the Swiss going for the winners. At 0-15 he bullets a return inches wide of the line and fires too long on a couple of occasions before Murray wrong-foots him to get on the board to 15.


MURRAY 0-1 WAWRINKA. A very confident start from Stan. He rattles down a huge serve to begin with and unleashes a couple of ferocious winners before Murray dumps a shot into the net to give the Swiss a love hold.


Wawrinka will serve first...


The players are now out on Chatrier and will commence with their warm up. Who is going to come out on top? Does the head say Wawrinka, but the heart wants Murray? Tweet me any views or predictions throughout the contest to @paul_hassall and I'll try to include the best in this live blog.


GRAND SLAM GLORY: both players have lifted three Grand Slam titles. Stanimal has won one in each of the last three seasons, with Wimbledon the only one missing from his CV. Murray has triumphed at the US Open and Wimbledon (twice) and has appeared in far more finals - but he's also had to settle for the runner up spot on eight occasions.

Andy Murray kisses the US Open trophy after his triumph in 2012 (Reuters)

STATS IN FAVOUR OF WAWRINKA: Stan the Man has played three less sets than Murray but has hit as many forehand winners. He has also notched 30 aces - six more than the Scot. Wawrinka has yet to drop a set at the event while Murray has lost three - but the World No.1 insists he's up for the fight.


Murray arrived in Paris well short of the form expected of a World No.1. Over the course of the past week and a half he has played his way into better shape and is determined to give a red-hot Stanimal a run for his money. "I came in playing garbage. I'm the odd one out in the semis, but hopefully I can keep it up," said the Scot in typically self effacing style.


HEAD-TO-HEAD: This is the 18th meeting with Murray leading the match-up 10-7. The Scot won both of last year's encounters, with a four-set success at this stage of this tournament in 2016. He also saw off the Swiss in straight sets when they locked horns in the round robin of the World Tour finals. Prior to that, Wawrinka had won three on the spin.

Murray breezes past Wawrinka to book semi-final against Raonic

Hello and welcome to LIVE updates of the first of the men's semi finals at the 2017 French Open. World number one Andy Murray meets No.3 seed Stan Wawrinka in a repeat of last year's last four showdown. Can the Brit reach a second successive Roland Garros final or will 2015 winner, Stan the Man once again show his appetite for the big occasion? It's a mouthwatering prospect with the players due on Philippe-Chatrier court at 11.45 BST.

Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka