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French Open women • Quarter-final

Jelena Ostapenko - Caroline Wozniacki
French Open women - 6 June 2017

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Ostapenko will play Bacsinszky in the semis - that will be an absolute jazzer, and of course you can follow it right here. Have a good night!


One of the most beautiful things in sport is watching a person come of age, and we've just seen that this evening. Ostapenko has come back from losing the first five games of the match to absolutely obliterate a wily, consistent pro with risky, aggressive and fun tennis. I cannot wait to see her again, sad though I am for Wozniacki, who must be wondering if it'll ever happen for her.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 6-2 WOZNIACKI Oh I say! Ostapenko pounds a forehand onto the line, follows it up with a service winner, and she's making this look easy! Oh my days! She conjures another winner from around her ankles, a backhand into the corner from on the service line, slams another forehand from an invidious position, AND OSTAPENKO IS IN HER FIRST EVER GRAND SLAM SEMI! That was absolutely brilliant!


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 5-2 WOZNIACKI Ostapenko is brilliant! Two bangers in a row, one off each win, give her break-point, another thunderous animal into the corner converts it, and she's a game away form the semi with two chances to serve for it. She's 19! (Though she'll be 20 by then).


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 4-2 WOZNIACKI That's a great hold for ostapenko ... she's very close now and showing no signs of tightness, unlike her opponent.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 3-2 WOZNIACKI Wozniacki must be feeling this slipping away .. not just this, but as good a chance to win a Slam as she might ever get. In a shoot-out, the bigger hitter, in better form, seems a likelier winner than a percentage player. And shonuff, she comes from behind in the game to break!


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 2-2 WOZNIACKI Ostapenko has such a great, aggressive style - she fully commmits to everything, and is comfortably outhitting Wozniacki now. Still, 40-0 quickly becomes deuce... will she feel the pressure? Naw. Level again.


They're back! 'Low that!


That might be that for the day, I'm afraid - it's absolutely tipping down now.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 1-2 WOZNIACKI AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH. Play is suspended again - there's a thunderstorm en route.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 1-2 WOZNIACKI "I've always said this about Wozniacki, If she was a sponge you'd buy one." Life-size? That'd be a decent conversation piece. Ostapenko takes her to deuce on service, then slams an enormous forehand to bring things back to deuce. Wozniacki didn't like that and loses the next point, but fights back and eventually holds.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 1-1 WOZNIACKI Wozniacki is hitting the ball earlier and harder now, looking to control the points, and she makes an impression on Ostapenko's serve, but misses with a looping forehand that would've got her deuce.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 6-2, 0-1 WOZNIACKI Wozniacki holds comfortably - she really needed that.



Even though she lost the first set, Ostapenko had the momentum coming into the second, and is 3-0 over Wozniacki on clay. She's now a warm favourite for the match, and has responded brilliantly to the delay.


Oooh yeah!


Aaaaand again.


It is absolutely caning down, I'm afraid.


I'm starting to lose my patience with this nonsense.




Rats. No play until at least 3.45pm BST.


In the meantime.


Still raining, I'm afraid. We may be some time.


Wozniacki could use this. Hopefully we'll be back soon - the wind is up, so it might well get blown away.


This is some excellent rain.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 5-2 WOZNIACKI Ah - the players are taken off court, because a thunderstorm is imminent.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 5-2 WOZNIACKI Wozniacki has to save a break-point, but a devastating forehand return forces her to face another. This time she takes it, and we're surely going to enjoy a decider!


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 4-2 WOZNIACKI Apologies for my absence - my system crashed - but as seemed so at the end of the first set, Ostapenko is now runnin' ting.


OSTAPENKO 4-6, 0-1 WOZNIACKI Good from Wozniacki, holding her serve comfortably enough to mean Ostapenko will be thinking hard about this next game; if she loses it, she's in allsorts.


OSTAPENKO 4-6 WOZNIACKI Brilliant from Wozniacki, who arranges herself three set-points ... Ostapenko nets a forehand, and at last, that's one-up to the favourite! And how will Ostapenko handle coming back from 0-5 behind, only to immediately chuck it away on serve?


OSTAPENKO 4-5 WOZNIACKI Ostapenko is the better player now, and rushes to a 0-30 lead. Wozniacki pegs her back, but then huds a backhand into the net, ceding break-point. A big serve rescues her. Ostapenko is really piling into her groundstrokes now, and she has Wozniacki scurrying hither and yon before a big forehand racks up another break-point; again, it's saved. Ostapenko just isn't having Wozniacki anymore though, winning the next two points and we're back on serve! What a comeback!


OSTAPENKO 3-5 WOZNIACKI It's a much nicer day now, even if you're Ostapenko. She saves two set points, then arranges advantage, and Wozniacki will have to serve for it.


OSTAPENKO 2-5 WOZNIACKI This probably isn't going to save the first set, but it's a start.



That'll do Ostapenko the world of good as she holds her service game to avoid the bagel.

She needs to carry that momentum into the next set.



Ostapenko is trying to make this as difficult as possible for Wozniacki but she can't prevent her opponent from opening up a 5-0 lead. She had advantage at deuce but the wind is causing chaos at the moment and simple shots are suddenly far more difficult.

These are really poor conditions.



This is an ominous start from Wozniacki who is dealing with the wind far better than her opponent. At the end of nearly every point Ostapenko is taking a moment to clear her eyes of dust.



Wozniacki holds again having struggled to get her service game flowing. She's certainly helped a bit by the incredible amount of dust blowing into her opponent's face.



And Wozniacki gets of to the perfect start as she breaks her opponent.



Decent start from Wozniacki as she holds her first service game.


Good afternoon and welcome to the live coverage of Jeļena Ostapenko v Caroline Wozniacki in the French Open.

We were a little worried by the rain this morning but thankfully we're underway!