French Open women • Quarter-final

Kristina Mladenovic - Timea Bacsinszky
French Open women - 6 June 2017

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That's a superb effort from Bacsinszky, who faced down the crowd and ultimately overpowered a drained-seeming Mladenovic. She'll play Ostapenko or Wozniacki next, and will fancy the hell out of her chances. We'll have that match, and every other match for you, so see you then!


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 4-6 BACSINSZKY A winner and an error give Mladenovic 0-30, and then a great return put her in command of the next rally. But excellent defence from Bacsinszky precipitates an error, she wins the next point too and is two away, only for Mladenovic to fashion a break back opportunity. Bacsinszky saves it ... brings up match-point with a forehand ... and powers her way into the semi-final! What a performance!


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 4-5 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic is having to fight for every point here, but at 30-15 plays a beautiful point, opening the court for that same forehand she missed last game. This time she powers it home, then a serve out wide and another forehand means Bacsinszky will have to serve for it.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-5 BACSINSZKY So, has Mladenovic composed herself? I'll tell you what, I've got loads of time for all four of the ladies on court at the moment, loads of attitude, loads of moxie, loads of skill. And Mladenovic quickly gets herself to within two points of breaking back, only for Bacsinszky to level at 30-all; and when Mladenovic opens the court for a winner only to net, things look very black for her indeed. Seconds later, Bacsinzszky is but a game away!


We go again!


That might be that for the day, I'm afraid - it's absolutely tipping down now.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-4 BACSINSZKY Cripes, Mladenovic is fighting back the tears here - she's in serious grief. And AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH. Play is suspended again - there's a thunderstorm en route.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-4 BACSINSZKY Momentum shifts once more. Mladenovic plays a seriously bad game, giving up three break-points; Bacsinszky only needs one, then a backhand slices wide. Suddenly, she's only two games away from the semis!


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-3 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic takes the first point on Bacsinszky's serve - very little is coming easily for either player here - but a murderous cross-court forehand pegs her back. Seconds later it's 40-15, then it's game, and Mladenovic is going to have to do it all again.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-2 BACSINSZKY Bacsinszky is getting back into things, and she pounds a backhand down the line to bring up break-point ... and takes it! This is developing into a brilliant match.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 3-1 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic is playing much better than before but 30-15-up on the Bacsinszky serve, she floats a nondescript backhand that is properly dealt with. She wins the next point but, and climbing into a seconc serve, puts on enough pressure to force the error! She is rolling!


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 2-1 BACSINSZKY A lovely backhand drop-shot gives Mladenovic game-point, then she hits lines with groundstrokes, Bacsinszky nets, and what a difference several hours chilling makes!


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 1-1 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic saves it brilliantly, opening her shoulders to pwera a forehand cross-court.


We're about to restart with break-point....


Oooh yeah!


And again.


It is absolutely caning down, I'm afraid.


I'm starting to lose my patience with this nonsense.




Rats. No play until at least 3.45pmBST.


We should be back shortly! Aroind quarter-past the hour.


We should be back shortly! Aroind quarter-past the hour.


In the meantime.


Still raining, I'm afraid. We may be some time.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 1-1 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic is in big trouble. She's not playing with requisite intensity, and is quickly three break-points down; she saves two, but play is then suspended. Mladenovic needs that.


MLADENOVIC 4-6, 1-1 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic goes ahead in the set, but Bacsinszky isn't going anywhere, pushing the pace to take the first comfortable game in sometime. Ah dear - there's a medical emergency in the stand, so there's a pause in the action.


MLADENOVIC 4-6 BACSINSZKY Apologies - my system crashed - but Bacsiszky takes a tremendous first set in which both players struggled to hold serve.


MLADENOVIC 4-5 BACSINSZKY A fantastic game, 11 and a half minutes long, my commentary on which was eated by the internet. But it’s won by Bacsinszky, whose backhand is doing some sterling work. She's also incredibly quick around the court, arriving at the ball in time to size up and then pubish her winners. She'll serve for the set in a few.


MLADENOVIC 4-4 BACSINSZKY Mladenovic gets to 30-all with a colossal backhand down the line, but then goes long next point, throwing up her hands in frustration. She eventually earns herself deuce though, and then when Bacsinszky nets from behind the bseline, has a break-back point ... which she takes when Bacsinszky goes long on the forehand. The crowd are chuffed, because it was all because of and for them really.


MLADENOVIC 3-4 BACSINSZKY Much better from the Mladenovic, but she's still down a break and running out of time to retrieve it. She's doing her best to get everyone pumped, but it's not quite where it was the other day.


MLADENOVIC 2-4 BACSINSZKY Momentum is with Bacsinszky who, it must be said, was very impressive in the last round. She's picking out Mladenovic's backand, and it's paying off.


MLADENOVIC 2-3 BACSINSZKY From 40-0, Mladenovic finds herself break-point down, identical errors on the forehand then ruining all her previous work. That's gotta sting.



Mladenovic is back level as she secures her first break of the match. We also see the first double fault, from Baczsinszky.

Are the winds changing?



Oh how Kiki needed that. At one stage it looks as if she is going to get broken again but she digs deep and serves out.

Mladenovic is definitely struggling with the incredible wind on the court.



That's a terrific hold for Bacsinszky! She saves break points as Mladenovic races into a 15-40 lead only to see her opponent claw back.

Not a great start for the home favourite.



That is not what the home crowd wanted to see. Mladenovic finds herself broken in the first game!


Good afternoon and welcome to the live coverage of Kristina Mladenovic v Timea Bacsinszky in the French Open.

We were a little worried by the rain this morning but thankfully we're underway!