Santoro, who is now one of the post-match interviewers at Roland Garros, strode on to the court to speak to Murray wearing surprising attire after the Scot's victory over Joao Sousa in the second round of the French Open.
In supposedly making Murray feel at home in Paris, Santoro sported a kilt, long black socks, black shoes and a sporran - then awaited the shocked response from the Brit.
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The baffled third-seed could hardly believe his eyes when Santoro appeared on the court, met with a mixture of whistles and cheers.
The two-time French Open semi-finalist did not know how to react to Santoro and ended up simply laughing before putting his head in his hands.
Yea or nay? What does
think about
donning a kilt to interview him after his win today?
— Roland Garros (@rolandgarros) May 28, 2015
"Do you like it?" Santoro asked, to which Murray very generously replied, "Yeah, you look good man. Very good!"
"I think that's better - a better look for you...looks good!"
Santoro replied: "I looked at a photo of your wedding and you looked great. Since then you have not lost a match on clay, so I thought maybe I had a chance of making some good interviews."
Murray, clearly still very surprised, said: "Yeah... I hope so. I really hope so. Sorry, I really don't know what to say!"