Britain's Laura Robson has announced her retirement from tennis aged 28 after a long battle with injury.
Robson won the junior girls singles at Wimbledon aged just 14 in 2008, reached a high of 27 in the world and won an Olympic silver medal alongside Andy Murray at the London 2012 Olympics.
But she was beset by serious wrist and hip injuries with the latter - on which she had three operations - forcing her into her difficult decision.
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After coming to her conclusion, Robson revealed that she "sat down and cried" together with the LTA's former chief medical officer Dr Jo Larkin and physiotherapist Rob Hill, who strove so hard to get her body right for top-level tennis.
"I went through every possibility of rehab and of surgery," Robson told BBC Sport.
"I had another hip surgery and probably did the best rehab block of my life - I went to all the best specialists and had some incredible people that I was working with just to get me back on court - and then the second time I hit, I just knew.
"It feels weird to say out loud, but I'm done, I'm retired.
"I've sort of known that for a while because of what I was told by the doctors last year, but I think it just took me so long to say it to myself, which is why it took me so long to say it officially.
"[Acceptance] took a long, long time because it's the difficulty of having it taken away from you rather than deciding yourself, as I would absolutely love to be out there still.
"But ultimately what's happened has happened, and I think overall I'm a much nicer person from going through all of that.
"If I keep looking back and thinking 'what if', then I can't move forward. I think I'm always going to have the feeling that I could have done more, unfortunately.
"I feel like if I had just had another year or two of being healthy, I don't know what I could have achieved.
"But I'm really proud of the Olympics, of playing Fed Cup - playing for your country in any way was always one of my favourite weeks of the year - and I think playing Wimbledon and the US Open the time that I did well [Robson reached the fourth round of both tournaments during her career], I will have those memories forever."
Robson was also named WTA newcomer of the year in 2012 and reached a WTA final in Guangzhou in September of the same year.

Laura Robson reaches Guangzhou final (Reuters)

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But it is for her junior Wimbledon title that she will likely be best remembered.
Of that experience, she said: "The pictures that come up every year - I look so young. I can't even remember half of the things that happened, I was a baby.
"It didn't harm me in any way, and I think it was really exciting and it was the first time I played on a big stadium.
"And the things that it brought me in life - the year after being able to open show court two at Wimbledon in the main draw - I wouldn't have had that opportunity had I not won the juniors.
"I think it opened my eyes to how tough it is, how much pressure was on my shoulders, and how to deal with tough things in your life. I wouldn't take it back for anything."
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