Roger Federer spoke to Eurosport after his farewell event at the Laver Cup as he reflected on an emotional and very special few days in London.
Team World ended up victorious as they clinched the trophy for the first time - ending a drought that captain John McEnroe said could not be extended.
While he may have ended up on the losing team on this occasion, the retiring Federer was left to celebrate what was a unique and very memorable few days with his team-mates, family and fans all paying tribute to his career.
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“It is still the Laver Cup team, you know," Federer told Eurosport as he reflected on the last few days at the O2 Arena.
"I like those moments when you sit back finally and the pressure of the matches is gone, and you can have just a chat with another team member.
"You can just talk about 'how was your weekend? What is next?' and just be friends, actually. I’m looking forward to that.
"Then there will also be personal friends, they are going to come in, family, and we’ll just all mix together and I can meet team members as well.
"You know, I like that, I’m very approachable, I believe, and for that reason, I’m looking forward to hopefully a long night!"

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Asked to send a message to Eurosport's audience, Federer wanted to speak directly and give his thanks for the memories and the support throughout his career.
“Thank you everybody for always watching Eurosport, for having probably watched many of my matches. Not so many lately, but maybe a lot of highlights coming up.
"I don’t know what they have planned for you, but look, it’s been a wonderful journey for me and a pleasure playing in front of you.
"I hope we’ll see each other again. But thanks for everything and see you soon. Take care.”

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