Tennis legend Jim Courier conducted a now-famous interview with Roger Federer after the Swiss superstar's final competitive tennis match at the Laver Cup, and he has reflected on what he learned from it and what it all meant.
Courier gave the 41-year-old the floor to express his feelings after his hugely emotional final doubles match alongside his great rival and friend, Rafael Nadal, at the O2 Arena in London on Friday evening.
What followed was a powerful interview that had fans, players and family members all crying on the court as Federer opened up in what was his farewell post-match reflection.
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Courier has explained his own feelings about Federer, the interview and also what the entire momentous occasion represented for the sport.
"Well, I felt a lot of pressure to get it right because, like everyone, I love Roger!" Courier told Eurosport.
"I wanted him to have the moment the way he wanted to have it. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it beforehand, but I got as much information as I could.
"You never know until you get out there what it is going to be like. I figured he was going to be emotional, but I was not anticipating that much emotion from him and from everyone else involved - especially Rafa.

'I didn't want it to feel lonely out there' - Federer gives emotional interview in farewell

"It was an amazing moment to be a part of, and I think and hope it went okay. I would like to know from Roger if he had the moment the way he wanted to have it because he deserved it.
"I knew if I lost it, it was going to be very difficult to get back on track, and I needed to be the one to hold the piece together. I could not allow myself to get involved in all the emotions.

'Tonight was all happiness' - Roger Federer on his emotional final match

"There was so much riding on everything for Roger. We all wanted him to have the perfect exit. For his body to hold up, for him to play well, which he did. For him to stay healthy, which he did. To have the moment with his friends and family, which he did."
Reflecting on Federer's relationship with Nadal and the pair being in tears together after the match, Courier added: "Well, they have such a deep connection, don't they?
"That connection has forged a bond between the two of them. The Roger story does not exist without Rafa, and the reverse is also true.

'Fedal' moment as Federer and Nadal both left crying after Swiss star's final match

"For them to have that moment together, you don't typically get to script your exit, but Roger got to do that. That just makes it that much more special that they were able to be on the court together and share so many incredible moments.
"Their laughter, the tears, the hand-holding... it is going to be in a movie one day. It was almost unscriptable, it was just so amazing.
"It was emotional, and it is going to take some time for all of us to process what we have seen.
"Murray and Novak and Rafa, they are all connected, and in a way, those guys were seeing their end and their future through this lens. That was special, and it was probably why Rafa was so emotional."
On Federer's legacy, Courier said: "His achievements are immense, but it cannot just be about his achievements. It is also about the feelings that he evoked from the fans.
"When you watched him play there was genuine artistry. He was an artist out there; the court was his canvas and the racquet was his paintbrush. We got to see him do something that is really, really hard, but he made it look so easy."
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