Tim Henman has paid tribute to his "great friend" Roger Federer after the tennis legend retired from the professional tour at the Laver Cup - - watch 'Roger's Last Dance’ at 20:00 (BST) on Eurosport 1 and discovery+.
The Swiss superstar bowed out from the sport in hugely emotional scenes on Friday night alongside Rafael Nadal in what were remarkably special moments for tennis.
Henman has shared his thoughts on the whole occasion and Federer's exit from the sport, also summing the 41-year-old up and what he has given to tennis as best as he can.
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"I think what we witnessed with the retirement of Roger was so emotional for so many different reasons," Henman told Eurosport.
"First and foremost, one of the greatest, most influential and most loved players in our sport was retiring. We have seen him over the years, whether he has been winning - which has happened most of the time - or on occasions when he has lost, he has shown that emotion.
"It was just flowing out of him, but to see the response from his fellow competitors, his rivals, but also his team-mates in this environment - to see the emotion on their faces, and perhaps his greatest rival Rafa in tears on the side of the court, it was incredible to watch.
"The reception he received from the crowd - it could not have been any warmer; it could not have been filled with more joy. But also sadness.
"Those were scenes I will never, ever forget. It was sad to think that we will never see Roger play in a professional environment again on the tour - with the beauty, brilliance and grace he played with. But to me, it is about a celebration, about remembering those great times. He is not leaving the sport because the game has given him so much. There were tears, but they should have been tears of joy because it has been a privilege to watch.

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"To someone I call a great friend, it is very special. There are going to be lots of people who aspire to play the way Federer played, but it is his technique, his talent and his balance that have been unique. That is why I don't believe there will be anyone to play with that style which made him unique. It is sad that we won't be able to see that again, but I am sure there will be happy times ahead for Roger.
"When we reflect on Federer's performances at Wimbledon - an eight-time champion - it is sad, but in sport there are no scripts. But he has had the chance to go out at an incredible event with his rivals as his team-mates in front of a special crowd. It has been an incredible end to his professional career.
"There was a relief, and all the speeches and interviews were the hardest part. It will have been like a weight has been lifted for him and that is why it is so special."
Asked to describe Federer in three words, he said: "Brilliant - his game because it is the highest accolade. Graceful - his game and how he has behaved because he made it all look so easy. Legacy - because he has always understood his responsibility around what he is and what he means to his friends, family, the sport and his fans around the world."

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Watch ‘Roger's Last Dance’ at 20:00 (BST) on Eurosport 1 and discovery+
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