Roger Federer: 'Andy Murray shouldn't rush back for Australian Open, he has years left at top'

Federer: 'Murray shouldn't rush back for Melbourne, he has years left at top'
By Eurosport

07/11/2017 at 18:52Updated 07/11/2017 at 23:38

Roger Federer has told fellow Grand Slam champion Andy Murray he should be in no rush to return for the Australian Open if he feels he is not fully fit after his injury lay-off.

Murray has targeted a comeback in time for the Australian Open in January after a hip injury forced him to end his season following a quarter-final defeat to Sam Querrey at Wimbledon on July 12.


"I hope I'm there. Things have been going pretty well in the rehab, but you just never know," said Murray. "You take each week as it have setbacks. I've been training for a few weeks now."

Federer endured a similar situation last year when he bowed out of competitive tennis after losing to Milos Raonic in semi-finals of Wimbledon and damaged his knee in the fifth set of an epic match.

Time away has seen Federer return like a new man at the age of 35 as a dominant force in the sport.

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The Swiss world number two has increased his tally to 19 Grand Slams winning the Australian Open and Wimbledon to remain three ahead of Rafael Nadal in the all-time list before he bids for an eighth title of the year at next week's end of season ATP Tour finals in London.

"My big advice is to get healthy again, pal. That's it. Take your time," said Federer.

"However long it takes, when you come back you want to be 100 percent.

"Otherwise, you just feel that you can't be at your best and win the big tournaments. It is wise to take the extra week or month whatever it may be. "

"It is wise and worthwhile. I'm sure Andy has many years left, but as a professional athlete you always want to come back as quickly as possible.

"It is nice to see you back on the court, and I'm excited to see you back on the court here."

Murray, 30, admits it has been frustrating attempting to recover only a year after he ended the season as the sport's world number ahead of Novak Djokovic, who has also been forced to miss the second half of 2017 due to injury.

Roger Federer and Andy Murray in Glasgow before their charity match.

Roger Federer and Andy Murray in Glasgow before their charity match.Eurosport

"Some days, I've felt great. Other days, not so good," said Murray. "But I'm getting there. I'll come back when I'm ready and when I'm 100 per cent fit. It was probably a bit of a mistake trying to get ready for the US Open, but it was the last major of the season and I wanted to give it a go.

"Now it is time to give my body the rest and recovery it needs.

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"I believe that I will get back to full fitness. You never know when you are coming back from any injury. That's what I'm working towards for sure. I believe that will be the case. Until I go flat out on court in a match, you never know.

"Surgery was not recommended to me after speaking to specialists. One of the benefits of a break like this is to spend time in the gym and build up your endurance."

Murray thanked Federer for coming to Scotland for the charity event after he appeared in a similar exhibition match in Switzerland last year.

"There are no professional events in Scotland so this might be the only time he plays tennis here. I really appreciate he made it," said Murray.

"Hopefully, the crowd will give him a great welcome. It is much appreciated that he made the time to come here before such a big tournament next week.

Roger Federer shows off a picture of himself wearing a Scotland strip as a kid.

Roger Federer shows off a picture of himself wearing a Scotland strip as a kid.Eurosport

"We want to play good tennis. I want to how I'm playing and feeling."