Kristina Mladenovic was left stunned after a controversial point during her first-round match against Laura Siegemund at the 2020 French Open.
The French player, who got to enjoy the stage of Court Philippe Chatrier for her opening match at Roland Garros, was left dumbfounded by the decision from the umpire.
Mladenovic was penalised for touching the net as she ended a rally at 5-1 up in the opening set, but regardless of whether she did or not she was more concerned by what had happened just before.
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In the previous shot, the ball clearly bounced twice on Siegemund's side before she got it back in play as the umpire appeared not to spot it.

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Mladenovic's face was a picture as she simply could not believe the decision.
Tennis legend Frew McMillan on commentary for Eurosport said: "She is saying she [Siegemund] did not get it up. She is right!"
The injustice was all the more gutting for Mladenovic as she proceeded to squander the four-game advantage and lose the opening set 7-5 before Siegemund won the second to advance.
After the match, Mladenovic said it was not up to Siegemund to call it: "I didn't expect her to give me the point. She was not the one responsible for giving me the point."

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