The incident, of which footage came out on Tuesday, came from the most tense moment of the Swiss pair’s semi-final at the O2 Arena, which Federer went on to win in dramatic fashion.
Mirka is, according to the Daily Telegraph, ‘caught heckling’ her husband’s opponent just before a crucial point.
Wawrinka then, in the 11th game of the final set, expresses his frustration with the umpire Cedric Mourier having to get involved as Federer watches on from the other side of the net.
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Wawrinka had botched three match points with doomed serve-and-volley sallies to the net and Mirka’s apparent heckling only made matters worse for him as he retorted to initial noise, “Not just before the serve, not just before the serve.”
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Mirka is then reported as shouting “Crybaby” from the stands in response to Wawrinka pulling away and protesting to the umpire about the apparent breach of etiquette.
Wawrinka then turns to Federer incredulously and asks “What did she say?” as the crowd starts to jeer and whistle with the incident suddenly becoming a high-profile one, leading to the reported changing-room row between the pair.
Federer was forced to withdraw from the ATP World Tour Finals through injury, but rumours quickly circulated that a row with Wawrinka played its part following his wife's behaviour.
Federer was visibly grimacing between points as the clash with Wawrinka came to its conclusion, so it would come as no surprise to see that the six-time ATP World Tour Finals champion was suffering with a stiff back.
However, just hours before the showdown with world number one Djokovic, the outspoken bad boy of tennis, John McEnroe, revealed that Federer and Wawrinka came to blows in the locker room at the 02 arena in London.
Federer camp are insistent the only reason their man didn't play today was back injury he suffered in match with Wawrinka— Barry Flatman (@Barry_FlatmanST) November 16, 2014
The pair are due to play alongside each other for Switzerland in the Davis Cup final against France in Lille and, should McEnroe be correct it makes the situation all the more delicate.
McEnroe told ESPN that the two close friends were in discussion for hours following the result.
“Something went on in the locker room, there was a long talk between the players that extended well into the night,” McEnroe said.
“And the stress of that — I can’t confirm all of this — but a lot of this went on and I don’t think that helped the situation.”
However, ahead of Switzerland’s Davis Cup final clash with France in Lille, Federer took to Twitter to show that the team were united, saying “It’s great being with the boys again…And #captain #luthi”.
Wawrinka then tweeted the photo just moments later in an attempt to show that the two have settled their differences.
It's great being with the boys again .. And— Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) November 17, 2014
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So, why is he making fun of the world No. 2 with the hand gesture in the picture? Is it all just fun and games, or is Wawrinka still miffed?
This reported 'row' and Mirka's role within Team Federer seems only set to rumble on. Especially now that internet jokers have got in on the act by sharing their take on what is a ludicrous situation...:
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