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US Open women • Final

Karolína Plíšková - Angelique Kerber
US Open women - 10 September 2016

US Open – Follow the Tennis match between Karolína Plíšková and Angelique Kerber live with Eurosport. The match starts at 22:00 on 10 September 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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Jen Offord

Pliskova 3-6 6-4 4-6 Kerber: Kerber means BUSINESS! she breaks in the final game 0-40 to win the game, the set and indeed, her second grand slam title. Supreme stuff from the new world no.1.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 4-5 Kerber: Kerber makes the lightest of work of the game with a strong serve. Pliskova hits a thumping return on the final point, but it's out. Kerber is just a game away from her second grand slam title.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 4-4 Kerber: Pliskova is starting to look worried. She's up at the net, but its a risky business - fortunately for her, Kerber hits the ball out. Strong work from Pliskova as she closes in and a beautiful passing shot down the right service area wins her the game. Too tight to call, now.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 3-4 Kerber: This could go on... Pliskova is not for turning and she makes a solid start against kerber, but at 30-0, as now seems pretty standard, Kerber gets back in the game. Kerber is doing most of the running, but Pliskova's errors work in her favour.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 3-3 Kerber: Kerber breaks back! Kerber has seen the bright lights and didn't much like them it seems. - she's back in the game.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 3-2 Kerber: Pliskova holds to inflict further damage. Kerber is going to have to find something in her reserves now - and she does to hold her serve by 40-0. It's strong stuff from the new world no.1, one of the stronger serves we've seen this evening.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 2-1 Kerber: Pliskova breaks! The Czech goes in front for the first time of the match - not after a challenge by Kerber, that is. The ruling is in Kerber's favour but not enough to hold serve. Kerber looks like she's doing the bulk of the leg-work now - not a great position to be in the final set.


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 1-1 Kerber: Pliskova reasserts herself in the match with a strong challenge that sees Kerber just off kilter. She holds 40-0 - cracking serve.


See how Pliskova took the second set

Video - Pliskova takes the second set


Pliskova 3-6 6-4 Kerber: Kerber challeges Pliskova's shot but to no avail - that's a set apieace to our two finalists.


Pliskova 3-6 Kerber: Kerber looks undeterred and takes a comfortable lead but perhaps the humidity is getting to her, she's started making some really sloppy errors. A corking passing shot gives her the advantage. More errors follow, but she's on this. Pliskova will have to serve out the set.


Video - Pliskova breaks Kerber in second set - in some style


Pliskova 3-6 5-3 Kerber: That's a great hold from Pliskova who's now just a game away from prolonging our evening.


Pliskova 3-6 4-3 Kerber: Pliskova breaks! She takes a gamble on a long shot with Kerber up at the net and she reaps rewards! Is the game back on?


Pliskova 3-6 3-3 Kerber: Easy peasy for Pliskova who's serve sees her almost to the end of the game, Kerber claws a point back but it's a quick game and a strong hold for Pliskova.


Pliskova 3-6 2-3 Kerber: Pliskova looks like the humidity is getting to her, but fights on regardless. A bit of frustration coming through from Kerber, now as she drops the odd point, but she holds.


Pliskova 3-6 2-2 Kerber: We're yet to see a break in the second set...


Pliskova 3-6 1-2 Kerber: Kerber hits the net after taking the lead to take the game to deuce and another error gives Pliskova the advantage, but the Czech's angles are all wrong and she in turn finds the net. Inconsistencies are creeping in and Kerber holds once more.


Pliskova 3-6 1-1 Kerber: Pliskova's serve is epic, it's almost a whitewash but Kerber hits down the line so well and she reasserts herself. She comes back from a 40-0 deficit to deuce but Pliskova hits her with a beautiful dropshot to take advantage and ultimately the game.


Pliskova 3-6 0-1 Kerber: Pliskova is looking ever stronger and she was close to an opening break but it's not enough Kerber stands firm.


A highlight from the last set...

Video - Kerber claims point with wonderful reach against Pliskova


Pliskova 3-6 Kerber: Just when you think Pliskova has it, Kerber's coverage of the court is just too much. She dashes into the net to tap it over and outwit Pliskova. Despite Pliskova's versatility, Kerber is too good. She takes the first set.


A point from earlier in the set


Pliskova 3-5 Kerber: Kerber snatches a point back right up at the net after a frantic dash, it's a tremendous shot and testament to the athleticism she's shown in this match and the tournament.


Pliskova 3-4 Kerber: Pliskova has a solid five inches in height on Kerber, which is a lot to throw behind a serve. When she's making good use of it, she can inflict some serious damage, but with a 40-0 lead, she allows Kerber back in the game. It's 40-30 before she slams an ace past the German to hold.


Video - Pliskova shows amazing resilience before winning epic point with half volley


Pliskova 2-4 Kerber: Kerber's strong passing shot puts paid to that game, but it's close, again game-30 the final score. If Pliskova is warming up still, we're far from over.


Pliskova 2-3 Kerber: Lovely drop-shot from Pliskova to earn a point, followed by a sensational rally - Pliskova has the stronger shot here, by the looks of things. Kerber is outfoxed by a cunning shot just the other side of the net. Kerber has yet to widen her lead significantly - Pliskova holds.


Pliskova 1-3 Kerber: Pliskova makes her first fist pump of the match and unsurprisingly so - she looked set to break back against Kerber after some very clever placement. But Kerber gets back in the game and Pliskova gives it away as she meets with the net. A hard-fought game.


Pliskova 1-2 Kerber: Pliskova opens her account with a game-0 hold, and seals the deal with an ace. This is what we were waiting for - brilliant.


Pliskova 0-2 Kerber: It looks like it will be a foregone conclusion as Kerber takes an early lead, but both players have great placement. Kerber's movement is a bit better and she's able to gain advantage and then the game pretty easily.


Pliskova 0-1 Kerber: Kerber breaks in the first game, really by chance as Pliskova taps it into the tram lines, though Kerber looks incredibly focussed.


And we're off! We'll see which of our pundits is right... Annabel for Pliskova or Greg Rusedski for Kerber.


This is Kerber's third grand slam final this year, and of course she won the Australian Open in January. For Pliskova, her previous best grand slam performance is the third round. Nonetheless, Eurosport pundit Annabel Croft is backing her tonight.


The crowd at Flushing Meadows look pumped and the finalists are on court. Not long now...


Kerber and Pliskova have met seven times, previously, Pliskova has won three of those meetings, Kerber four.


Here's a reminder of Kerber's tournament so far...

Video - Angelique Kerber's top 10 shots of the US Open


Pliskova is currently ranked no.11 in the world, but the women's contest is notoriously unpredictable. Pliskova has shown real class over the tournament so far.


And here's a reminder of how Pliskova made it to the final.

Video - Match of the Day: Serena stunned by Pliskova in US Open semis


Though despite beating all-conquering Williams, Pliskova will not be favourite to win, tonight.


Angelique Kerber is the new world No.1, having dethroned Serena Williams, who did not make it as far as the final after losing to Pliskova in the semis.

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