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US Open women • 1st Round

Elise Mertens - Madison Keys
US Open women - 30 August 2017

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So there we go; the more I think about it, that was an odd match. Keys really felt the pressure, yet any time there was any serious pressure, she raised her game. Riddle me that. anyway, we're done here - join me for Federer-Tiafoe, though, which starts shortly.


Mertens 3-6 (6)6-7 Keys

Every time Mertens has had a sniff Keys has found something, and she loops a forehand long to give Keys match point. Mertens goes long with the return, and that's that! Keys looks very chuffed, and I'm not surprised - she was really nervous out there, and Mertens was difficult first-round opponent. Keys could do some damage here, if she gets a hold of herself - she plays Maria or Kratzer next.


Mertens 3-6 6-6 6-6 Keys

Mertens quickly breaks back - she won't let Keys get away - and Keys then dictates the next point with some decent hitting, only to reject opportunities to come in and punish a drive volley winner, before going long. A winner down the line then gives Keys 5-5, but an unforced error on the forehand gives Mertens set-point! Her first serve is long, and then a huge forehand into the corner from Keys saves it! What a shot that was!


Mertens 3-6 6-6 2-4 Keys

Mertens cedes the first mini-break when she opens space for a backhand winner down the line, only to net, and Keys quickly consolidates. She looks solid as they change ends.


Mertens 3-6 6-6 Keys

Keys has just raised things these last ten minutes and quickly claws back to 15-all after Mertens takes the first point of the game. But a double fault allows doubt in, and when Mertens opens her shoulders into a forehand, Keys nets and will face to break-back points. She plays a lovely rally too, but then doesn't kill a volley and finds herself lobbed at the net! A breaker it is!


Mertens 3-6 5-6 Keys

You can hardly hear the ball on the racket, such is the racket on the roof, but Keys isn't arsed, climbing into a backhand for 0-15. But when the opportunity presents itself again next point, she nets, only for a double fault to give her a sniff. And it's all she needs; she seizes the initiative, nailing the break with a forehand volley, and in 90 seconds will serve for the match!


Mertens 3-6 5-5 Keys

A net-cord gets Keys ahead in the game and she powers through a love-hold of her own. She'll fancy herself if it comes to a breaker.


Mertens 3-6 5-4 Keys

Mertens in 77% on first serves this set and a second love-hold of the match means that Keys will shortly serve to stay in the set.


Mertens 3-6 4-4 Keys

An easy hold for Keys, hitting the ball really cleanly and moving well. If she can just find a tad more consistency with her returns, this will soon be over.


Mertens 3-6 4-3 Keys

At 40-30 Mertens sends down her fourth double of the match; if Keys can seize the half-chance, that might be that. And she cracks a return at Mertens' feet, but misses an opportunity to hit a winner, hitting the net instead, then again.

Tin of Monster just out of shot.


Mertens 3-6 3-3 Keys

At 30-30 Keys drops a backhand short and Mertens races into the net, only to hit it with her backhand. That was a chance, but then a net-cord flicks the ball over Keys' racket for a winner, eliciting a shriek of anguish. Again, though, Keys finds what she needs, coming in off a forehand topspin cross-court, but still managing to return to that flank for a volley winner. Very nice, and I wonder if we'll see a break next.


Mertens 3-6 3-2 Keys

At 15-30 Keys reads two shots in a row and off the second a lovely volley across the net raises two break points; she can't take either, dumping two returns into the net and not even near the top of it. Merterns then cleans up to edge in front in the set again.


Mertens 3-6 2-2 Keys

You can hear the hiss of rain as Keys serves, and again her backhand runs her into minor strife at 30-15. They end up playing a deuce after Keys saves a break point, and then she seals the game with an almighty backhand cross-court. Basically, whenever she's pushed she finds something with which to respond.


Mertens 3-6 2-1 Keys

Mertens is wearing the most terrific shade of shocking pink, which I do not say because she is a woman but because it is too terrific a shade to ignore. Anyway, with the rain caning down on the roof, she holds easily.


Mertens 3-6 1-1 Keys

Keys finds herself having to play a deuce, but judges a tricky touch volley beautifully to get on the board in this set, praising herself accordingly thereafter.


Mertens 3-6 1-0 Keys

Mertens needs to find better angles than Keys, because she can't attack with the same ferocity from the baseline. She can't though, and a classy backhand volley from keys gets her to deuce before a botched overhead gives Mertens game point, which she takes.


Mertens 3-6 Keys

Finally Keys is chilling, and she serves out to love in impressive fashion. She looks to have just too much for Mertens.


Mertens 3-5 Keys

At 0-15, Keys hits a brilliant forehand cross-court pass on the run giving her a chance of sorts; naturally she follows up with a wild forehand. But Mertens then nets, and Keys now has two break points. She takes the second, with the help of a net cord setting up a forehand winner - but only once Mertens had failed to put away a volley. Keys will now serve for the set.


Mertens 3-4 Keys

Mertens won't let Keys settle, and from 40-15 a forehand winner and a double fault take us to deuce. So Keys takes some pace off her serve which works, but then she hits a forehand into the net. She really needs to relax, as I keep saying. Still, she now leads 4-3.

Er, not sure that's how this works.


Mertens 3-3 Keys

Keys is hitting with better length as well as power now; Kim Clijsters is wearing a black turtle neck and a black leather waistcoat. Seriously. Anyhow we end up at deuce before two backhand errors from Keys hand Mertens the game.


Mertens 2-3 Keys

It's all Mertens at the moment, and a winner and an unforced error gives her 0-30. But Keys responds with a drop - Mertens runs it down and almost hits a winner - then a big backhand. She's moving a little better and her groundstrokes are clearly the more powerful when she opens her shoulders - as she does to get to game point. Mertens lobs her again though - both players think it's going out but it isn't - which brings us to deuce. It takes Keys two goes to cinch the game, and when she does she lets out a piercing "Come on!" In other words, she's rammed full of nervous energy. Perhaps that hold will calm her down.


Mertens 2-2 Keys

Mertens is looking confident now ad rushes through a love game, the first of the match - her first hold of the match - and Keys now has to reassert herself.


Mertens 1-2 Keys

At 30-all Keys plays a backhand inside-out from the backhand corner; no idea what she meant by that. She navigates the break point well though, only for Mertens to rinse her via lob and drop-shot one-two. An immediate break-back, and Mertens is on the board.


Mertens 0-2 Keys

A booming forehand return puts Keys 15-30 ahead, but she goes long with another. Mertens then nets a forehand; she's hitting hard, but not as hard, and winds up gifting the break via a further unforced forehand error.


Mertens 0-1 Keys

Mertens has moved up nearly a hunnert places this term, and goes up 15-30 in the game, then 15-40 when Keys welts a wild forehand wide. But she calms herself to win four points on the spin and should settle down now.


Off we go, Keys to serve.


For those of a slightly older bent, this match is also, in a way, Davenport v Clijsters. Jo Durie reckons Clijsters' charge is on the way up.


Keys is seeded 15 here, and comes into the competition on a high after beating Muguruza and Vandeweghe to win Stanford. As the home favourite, she will be all over this.


Anyroad up, we should be underway in the next ten minutes or so.


It's hard to see how Mertens wins this, the all-round excellence of Keys likely to prove too much for her. But you never know...


Good old the roof, what?


Evening all, and welcome to some Mertens-Keys!