Mats Wilander has suggested the era of winning Grand Slams may be over for Rafael Nadal, as the Swede feels age is catching up with the Spaniard.
Nadal confirmed on Friday that he would sit out the US Open and the remainder of the season on account of a foot injury.
The 35-year-old is set to explore options in a bid to return to the game, but Wilander feels it is worrying that Nadal has been unable to shake off a foot problem he picked up at the French Open.
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14/10/2021 AT 09:10
“We are getting used to expecting him to not be able to play,” Eurosport expert Wilander said. "He is always trying and is always ready.
He is trying but he just can’t do it and I guess with every year it seems like he is playing less and less.
“He is getting older and his body is taking a beating.”

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Wilander believes we will see Nadal in action again, but feels he may not be able to add to his 20 Grand Slams.
“I am very sad and very worried but I do think he [will] keep coming back until he no longer can,” Wilander said. “At the moment the will to play is still there.
I don’t think it’s the end of an era. It might be the end of winning Grand Slam tournaments, but with Rafa and Roland Garros and the love affair he has over there, you can never say it is the end of that relationship until the day he has hung his rackets on the wall.
“The era of winning may be over, but the era of filling stands with fans is still alive. There’s a couple more years of it.”

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