Nick Kyrgios complained to the chair umpire that he could smell marijuana smoke during his US Open second round match against Frenchman Benjamin Bonzi.
The 23rd seed was leading 7-6 4-3 in his match on Louis Armstrong stadium when he made the complaint to the chair umpire.
"You don't want to remind anyone not to do it or anything. No?" A visibly irritated Kyrgios said.
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"It was f***** marijuana. Marijuana. It was smoke. Obviously I'm not going to complain about food smells, obviously not.
"Obviously when athletes are moving side-to-side and when they have asthma already it's probably not ideal."
The chair umpire then requested that the crowd refrained from smoking. US Open rules state that those attending the tournament should "refrain from smoking, as this is a smoke free environment."
He said: "Ladies and gentleman as a courtesy to the players please refrain yourselves from smoking around the court."
Matt Chilton on Eurosport commentary said: "Nick Kyrgios was complaining to the umpire saying that he was inhaling marijuana fumes.
"I can't believe that anybody is allowed to smoke in the stadium. I didn't see any of it myself. It's a moot point.
"At Wimbledon people are standing in huddles smoking all around the club. I always think that's bizarre. It's not an anti-smoking rant. I don't care whether you smoke or not but at the side of a court when athletes are running about and plumes of cigarette smoke waft around the court from people gathering behind them and athletes running around breathing heavily suck it all in. It just seems wrong.
"Maybe somebody is having a joint in the grandstand. But surely they would have been spotted and thrown out. It was probably somebody vaping. Some of those vape smokes can smell like something illegal. Maybe that was it."
Kyrgios went on to win the match 7-6(3) 6-4 4-6 6-4 and will play J.J. Wolf in the next round.
In his post-match press conference, Kyrgios said that he is asthmatic and that the waft of marijuana does not help the matter.
He said: "People don't know. I'm a heavy asthmatic. When I'm running side-to-side, I'm struggling to breathe, probably not something I want to be breathing in in between points.
"US Open, it's a very different vibe to everywhere else. I feel like Wimbledon was so proper. Australian Open, you kind of expect it there, being an Aussie. But here, it's just like noisy. Point in, point out, I can't barely hear. Half the time I can't even hear my team because it's so noisy all the time. Ashe was unbelievably noisy. I couldn't hear anything. Constant jitter. Things going off, sirens.
"In Armstrong today, hearing trains and people. For someone that's struggled to focus in my career, I'm really trying hard to put my head down and play point by point, try to dig myself out of some certain situations. It's hard because there's a lot of distractions. Obviously a lot of heckling going on as well. People are saying things."

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