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Wimbledon men • Quarter-final

Juan Martín del Potro - Rafael Nadal
Wimbledon men - 11 July 2018

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Well there we go - what a day! Thanks for your company, and join me again tomorrow for the women's semis!


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 4-6 Nadal -

Does Del Potro go for it on the forehand every chance he gets, or does he put balls into play and make Nadal work for it and think about things, wonders Andy Murray. Well, he takes the former option and goes long twice; Nadal is two points away. But Del Potro keeps hammering away, and a murderous rally ends with Nadal going wide with a backhand; then two forehands cross-court followed by one down the line gives Del Potro 30-all! Next, though, it's Del Potro's turn to go wide, not by much but by enough, and a serve out wide, followed by a volley as Del Potro slips, and that's it! RAFAEL NADAL HAS WON ONE OF THE GREATEST SETS AND ONE OF THE GREATEST MATCHES YOU WILL EVER SEE! HE MEETS NOVAK DJOKOVIC IN THE SEMI-FINAL!


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 4-5 Nadal -

Del Potro steams a forehand winner down the line for 15-0 - the ball is begging for mercy, so he caresses a backhand winner next by way of amends, then bangs down another ace. And another! Nadal will have to serve for it!


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 3-5 Nadal -

On deuce, somehow Nadal conjures a loopy, floaty backhand pass around Del Potro and onto the line. But then another magical forehand from the magical forehand man, and back we go to deuce. And look at that! Nadal, who's dropped brilliantly today, tries another ... and this time it's run down, but even then there was work to do to get the winner over the net and down the line. Break point, and another drop from Nadal ... he's nervous, just trying to finish the points ...again it's run down .. but this time Del Potro can't do enough. Still, another forehand brings another break point, only this time Del Potro nets - he's had a lot of chances but it doesn't matter because Nadal goes long on the backhand. This is terrifyingly tense stuff! I'm out of breath just typing about it! Delpo sees an opportunity in the next rally so unleashes another forehand, but gets too much of it and then another drop is too good for him. So Del Potro simply clouts two more phenomenal forehands and back we go to deuce! These two! We've been going four hours and 40 minutes here but you'd never know to look at the work that's getting done - the crowd are going wild, and rightly so - this is one of the greatest games I've ever seen, and after Delpo makes an error, Nadal, clinches it with a ridiculous forehand down the line, whipped from so low you can't believe it. This is such a set - the standard is as good as you'll ever, ever see.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 3-4 Nadal -

Nadal gets to 0-30 and is Del Potro finished? What do you think? He rallies brilliantly, confirming the game with a forehand down the line of such seriousness it wears blazers to parties and uses a gratuitous middle initial. This is the best tennis match I've seen since ... at least Federer-Anderson, earlier this afternoon. Joking aside, though, the standard here is far higher - these are proper heroes.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 2-4 Nadal -

Another bazzing rally, ended by Del Potro's murderous forehand down the line, puts him ahead in the game. But when presented with a similar chance next time, he misses ... and they reach 30-all, but then Nadal misses with a forehand and it's break-back point. Which surely Del Potro is going to win, when a huge forehand opens the court ... except somehow, he skies the put-away! Oh! That might be the match right there! But at deuce Nadal sticks a forehand into the net ... but he saves the break point and eventually brings it home. Might Del Potro regret that missed forehand forever? Might he never get a better chance to win Wimbledon?


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 2-3 Nadal -

And he starts well with a drop-half-volley, then another and has 0-30! So Del Potro responds with an ace, only to overhit a forehand as Nadal slips; two break points! This is key! And again Nadal slips, must be dewy out there, but this time Del Potro glides the ball into the space. Still, though, Nadal isn't messing about and a coruscating backhand cross-court seal what could be the crucial break! What a match this is!


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 2-2 Nadal -

At 40-15 Nadal looks in charge, but then Del Potro wins two straight points, the second confirmed with a melting forehand down the line. It doesn't matter in the end, though, Nadal cementing the game, and he'll now look to set about del Potro's serve.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 2-1 Nadal -

Nadal forces his way to 30-all, but then what a point! 23 shots, hither and yon, then Del Potro tries a drop, Nadal runs it down, and a dive cements the point; Del Potro celebrates likes he's won the match but is soon playing deuce, lots of them. The standard is off the scale now, and at one of various advantages, Del Potro slips for about the 46th time. Then chasing a lost cause, Nadal ends up leaping into the crowd to save himself, only to be blitezed by a decisive ace when he frees himself.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 1-0 Nadal -

Good start from Del Potro, who holds to love.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-6 Nadal -

Nadal gets to 40-0 then goes for the big finish, caning a backhand cross-court that zoots just wide. No matter - a backhand cross-court is far too good for Del Potro, marooned at the service line, and a little hop and skip shows us how much that set meant toNnadal. A decider it is.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 4-5 Nadal -

Nadal ramps up the pressure but at 30-40 a serve is too strong even for him. Then Del Potro saves another set point before, eventually, finishing the game with an ace. Nadal will now have to serve for it and if he succeeds, Del Porto will serve first in the final set.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 3-5 Nadal -

At 40-15, Del Potro creams a forehand into the net cord and the ball drops dead. But during a sapping rally he slips, Nadal lifts over the drop, and he ruefully takes a moment on the grass to decompress.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 3-4 Nadal -

Strong hold from Del Potro; will he now unload on Nadal's serve?


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 2-4 Nadal -

Delpo's forehand would not be out of place in the Tate Gallery, nor the Imperial War Museum. A belter cross-court gets him 30-all, but Nadal then plays a great point, outlasting yerman to finish with a drop shot. He quickly cements the consolidation and we're nearing a decider.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 2-3 Nadal -

Del Potro nets a forehand to give Nadal 0-30 and the another forehand error leaves him facing three break points ... Nadal only needs one, pushing his man back, advancing to the net, and forcing him to attempt an unlikely pass which drops well wide.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 1-1 Nadal -

Nadal levels the set with a comfortable hold.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 1-0 Nadal -

Excellent effort from Nadal to make an impression on Del Potro's serve, but to no avail. A strong fist-clench tells us how important that hold was. My heartrate tells me how good this match is.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 6-4 Nadal -

Del Potro gets to 0-30, and then hangs tough to win the next point too! Three set points ... and he only needs one! He uncorks a rrrridiculous forehand from a seemingly innocuous situation in the middle of the baseline for a clean winner! Nadal is all sorts! Del Potro has only had two break points in the match, yet is well set to take it! In fairness, he's been playing really well since about halfway through set 2, but against Nadal that doesn't usually matter. So he's earned the arse out of this; can Nadal respond?


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 5-4 Nadal -

Nadal is going after Del Potro's second serve now and the ruse gets him to 30-30, but he inches ahead and then a wrongfooting forehand puts the game to bed.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 4-4 Nadal -

We see a graphic which shows us that Del Potro is standing a bit further back on Nadal's serve so he can get more balls into play and build from there; Murray says that not enough players deviate from their plans when stuff doesn't work. But it's not working for the now, and Nadal levels things up.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 4-3 Nadal -

A lovely rat-a-tat-tat at the net is won by Delpzy who goes 40-15, but then they engage at the net again and this time Nadal finishes via violent overhead. Nadal wins the next point too, then Del Potro serves into the net, so responds with a second-serve ace.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 3-3Nadal -

Nadal holds to love for the first time in quite some time.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 3-2 Nadal -

Del Potro looks the better player at the moment but hasn't been able to break - he really needs to cash in before momentum switches, as surely it will.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 2-1 Nadal -

Del Potro is playing well now, hitting the ball beautifully on the forehand. He holds to 15, and is surely planning to attack Nadals's serve while the going's good.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 1-1 Nadal -

A quick hold for Nadal.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) 1-0 Nadal -

Del Potro must've been concerned he'd chuck that breaker away by losing his serve right away - well, I was on his behalf - but he holds to 15 and looks good while doing it.


Del Potro 5-7 7-6(7) Nadal -

And Nadal serves a double! Who expected that?! Next point, he gets a small bit of help from the top of the net before the power and spin of his forehand tells; Del Potro saves set point with a big serve down the T, then earns one for himself with another. And there it is! He eventually uncorks his forehand, gets a bit of luck off the net, and forces Nadal too far wide to respond!


Del Potro 5-7 6-6 5-6 Nadal -

Nadal is first in with the mini-break and you fear for Del Potro now. at 3-1, a strong serve goes down the middle, Del Potro can't return it, and he's in a all sorts. But an ace out wide gives him some momentum as they change ends, then a service winner; can he find the return he needs? Well, he gets into the rally nicely, only to put a backhand into the net, then Nadal picks a succession of fine forehands to give himself three set points. The first is saved via serve and forehand, the ssecond via service winner ... but now comes Nadal's serve ...


Del Potro 5-7 6-6 Nadal

Huge first point from Del Potro, outlasting Nadal from the back. But then at 30-15 he finds himself at the net ready to clinch the point, only to go long for no reason. He responds really well though, a huge serve allowing him to the net to finish off, before a lazy forehand forces him to play a deuce. He plays it, and we have ourselves a breaker.


Del Potro 5-7 5-6 Nadal

Del Potro responds well to his disappointment, taking the first point of Nadal's next service game, so Nadal hits him with his first ace of the match. Aha. He holds from there, and let's be real, Nadal is going to break him again isn't he?


Del Potro 5-7 5-5 Nadal

Del Potro gets to 15-0, but then a brilliant forehand return sets Nadal up to dominate the next point, finishing with a fine volley from below the height of the net. So Del Potro serves out wide, hard and fast - it's an ace, obviously - but Nadal drags him into a slog, his forehand eventually proving to be too much. Oh, and have a look! A double-fault hands Nadal a break-back point ...and he takes it beautifully! That forehand is just ridiculous, whipping through the ball like you can barely believe to send Del Potro out wide and then the ball into the space.


Del Potro 5-7 5-4 Nadal -

Del Potro gets to 0-30 and thinks he's made 0-40 only for a backhand to be called long - which Hawkeye proves it was. But Nadal then nets a forehand, and Del Potro has three break points! Nadal gives him a chance with a few short balls, and he lands a forehand on the baseline - nothing servere, but Nadal goes wide! "Possibly the worst game Nadal has played all year," says Tim Henman. In a few moments, Del Potro will serve for 1-1.


Del Potro 5-7 4-4 Nadal -

Del Potro hasn't even had a break point yet, but he holds to 30. Can he at least force a breaker here, or will Nadal just step it up again?


Del Potro 5-7 2-3 Nadal -

Better from Del Potro, who gets to 30 before Nadal holds. Incredible scenes.


Del Potro 5-7 2-2 Nadal -

An excellent hold from Del Potro, but can he trust himself at the business end?


Del Potro 5-7 1-2 Nadal -

Del Potro can't get close to a break at the moment, and the knowledge of that will put him under even more pressure when the balls are on his racket.


Del Potro 5-7 1-1 Nadal -

Del Potro holds to 30, but how can he put Nadal under pressure? Can he take the ball earlier, and use his double-handed backhand more?


Del Potro 5-7 0-1 Nadal -

I should say, Andy Murray is commentating on this and is excellent as you'd expect. Nadal muscles through another hold, and it's hard to see where Del Potro is getting a break from.


Del Potro 5-7 Nadal -

Nadal gets after it and a forehand down the line gives him set point at advantage. Del Potro flings himself into some forehands, but he's on the backhand wing and when a ball comes back too quickly for him to run around it, he looks to play his usual slice, changes his mind, goes double-handed and hits the top of the net! It's very hard to see Nadal losing from here - both men played pretty well, but he's looked more solid on serve so far.


Del Potro 5-6 Nadal -

Del Potro gets to 30-all, so Nadal decides to move, rustling through four quick points. Del Potro will now serve for a breaker.


Del Potro 5-5 Nadal -

Another easy hold, and this is looking a lot like a tiebreaker that, realistically, Del Potro will need to win. You can see Nadal coming from behind, but the chances are he'll need to win from the front.


Del Potro 4-5 Nadal -

Nadal is serving really well here, not allowing Del Portro a sniff. Another hold, and he'll look to climb in after change of ends.


Del Potro 4-4 Nadal -

Nadal gets to 15-40, but Del Potro does very well to dictate the next rally with his forehand and save the second break point with a decent serve. Quickly, he cements an enormous hold.


Del Potro 3-4 Nadal -

Yes yes, another hold for Nadal.


Del Potro 3-3 Nadal -

The serving here is just too much. Nadal holds to love, Delpzy to 15.


Del Potro 2-2 Nadal -

When is Nadal going to embrace the recede and cut it short? This is getting ridiculous now. In the meantime, Del Potro holds.


Del Potro 1-2 Nadal -

Another hold for Nadal - this one's yet to get going properly.


Del Potro 1-1 Nadal -

Del Potro holds without aggravation.


Del Potro 0-1 Nadal

Del Potro wins the first two points of the match but Nadal quickly resolves the situation by winning four straight.


Nadal will serve first...


Nadal and Del Potro are out warming up; this should be a belter. Neither look quite at it, but both are so brilliant that things can click at any time.