A new 8,000 capacity show court could be in use at Wimbledon by 2030 as part of plans to use land purchased in 2018.
In a meeting with local residents, the All England Club presented its second consultation document for 73 acres of land bought from the Wimbledon Park Golf Club, which sits on the other side of the road from the main site.
The new court would have a retractable roof and be Wimbledon’s third largest venue, behind Centre Court and Court One. Set among a ring of ancient oak trees, it would be the only major structure in the park, with 39 new courts also added, though they would have temporary seating only.
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Capacity would rise from 42,000 people a day to around 50,000, while Church Road - which intersects both sites - would be closed during the tournament.
Part of the reason to acquire the land, following a £65m bid, was to bring the qualifying tournament from nearby Roehampton to the stage it in-house.
Among the other plans are the intention to plant new trees and to create a new energy centre, which is designed to help the Championships become carbon neutral by 2030.
Planning permission is expected to be submitted in July, with work due to begin in January 2022.
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