Roger Federer is the "most beautiful player I've ever watched play", says John McEnroe with the Swiss star missing Wimbledon through injury.
The 20-time Grand Slam singles champion is expected to make his big return in September when he is set to join his great friend and rival, Rafael Nadal, to play doubles at the Laver Cup in London.
After that, Federer is hoping to play at the Swiss indoors tournament at his home event in Basel in October with Wimbledon sadly coming too soon for him in his recovery.
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Asked about his fellow tennis legend, McEnroe said fans should appreciate what they have already been able to see from the Swiss in his illustrious career on the court - particularly with his play being so attractive to watch.
"Twenty years, you got to look at the bright side," McEnroe, who was speaking on a video conference as part of his work for ESPN, said.
"You had a lot of time where you got a chance to watch this guy play and win it numerous times.
"So, we have to sort of hope that whatever he decides he's happy with. He's 40. He's made it this far. It's amazing.
"Roger Federer is a living legend. We all know that. He's the epitome of what you would want your kid to be when they grow up.
"He is the most beautiful player I've ever watched play. I idolised [Rod] Laver. He is kind of an updated Laver to me."

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Speaking during the Australian Open, McEnroe told Eurosport how much the sport misses Federer and paid tribute to all that he has achieved in the game.
“It goes without saying that anytime we are at an event where Roger is not playing we miss him,” McEnroe told Eurosport.
“He is the classiest player and the most beautiful player I have seen on a court. As a fan, I would love to see Roger around.
“As far as the future, he’s 40 years old. He’s had numerous surgeries on his knee, there’s a lot of wear and tear, it would be unbelievable if he could come back and get close to the level that he was at.
“I thought the same thing five years ago when I was coaching [Milos] Raonic and Roger walked off after the Wimbledon semi-finals [in 2016] and was limping and didn’t play for six months. Then he won the Australian Open.
“He’s pulled off the improbable before but this would be the most amazing of all if he was to win another Wimbledon.
“Whatever makes him happy is what he deserves. If he wants to play we will be happy he is playing but I don’t want to see Roger at 80 per cent. We have seen that with [Andy] Murray and it’s not easy. You want to see the top guys play at their best.”
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