Swimming, cycling, running. There’s no better place for this trio than Mallorca. Triathlon aficionados have known this for a long time and flock en masse to the island to train and compete throughout the summer.
The Balearic jewel offers triathletes everything they need to carry out their discipline. And, of course, it starts with preparing for the event. For this, Mallorca offers particularly favourable weather conditions, which are just one of this destination’s many charms. In fact, the island benefits from year-round sun (more than 300 sunny days per year) as well as mild temperatures during autumn and winter. It’s the perfect way to improve your condition and even participate in a few events in any season!

The Peguera challenge to end the season on a high

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In order to make the most of this exceptional weather, Mallorca developed numerous training camps around the island where triathletes are taken good care of in preparation for their next sporting event. For example, one of the most prestigious international triathlons in Mallorca, the Peguera Challenge, will take place on 15 October in Calvia. This amazing sports event consists of a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km cycle and a 21.1km run.
For a chance to perform well, the participants will benefit from optimal training conditions on site. Located a short distance away from the course, on the far west of the island, numerous Hubs Training Campus are at the triathletes’ disposal. These training camps have ultra-modern facilities and personal coaches to help the competitors prepare.

Cycling in Mallorca as part of a triathlon

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Optimal training conditions

In order to train for the swimming portion of the event, the participant can train in Peguera’s heated pool. And, for those who want to perfect their front crawl in outdoor conditions, one of the Hubs Training Camps also has an outdoor pool next to the Mediterranean Sea.
Here you will also find the Sport Facility, which is a must-have for athletes looking to improve their physical condition and endurance. Finally, for a focus on running and cycling, the Hubs Training Campus of Peguera offers athletes cycle routes and everything they need to maintain their bike as well as fully-equipped indoor and outdoor running tracks.
If you want to take advantage of the top-of-the-range services, you can get a 75% discount when you stay in one of the Peguera SportRegions partner hotels.

Triathletes during the running leg of a race

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Facilities and services

A modern and wide range of sports facilities within a radius of 10 km, available to all those who want to improve their performance. The spectacular Magaluf athletics tracks stands out as one of the most important spaces in the area. A new complex that is already a benchmark in this type of facilities in Europe, and equipped with everything necessary to offer the athlete the ideal training conditions. In addition, throughout the area are distributed 7 indoor pools (25 meters/each), modern and equipped gyms with cardio, and strength and functional training areas. The ideal complement to the magnificent facilities is a wide range of services: accordingly, Calvià offers a wide range of accommodation options, a gastronomic offer of great quality, and everything you need to combine training with leisure and culture.
Last but perhaps most importantly, is the environment: just 20 minutes from the airport. Calvià is one of the best communicated areas of the island. Its landscape combines mountains, traditional villages, coast and urban centers. The area is ideal for sports, water sports, hiking, etc.

Spoilt for choice in 2023

Although the Peguera Challenge is the last event of Mallorca’s triathlon season, 2023 will hold new events. There will be the classics: the Portocolom triathlon, the Zafiro Ironman, the Mallorca Ironman and the Olympic triathlon, which will follow each other throughout the island’s golden period for this discipline, from April to May. The Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon, held in September, as well as the Peguera triathlon, in October, will close the year in style.
With the different periods, various routes and distances offered, triathletes who want to discover Mallorca are spoilt for choice. But certain characteristics of the island remain the same: the mild climate, its geographical proximity to all of Europe, its renowned gastronomy, the magnificence and diversity of its landscape, the richness of its culture and... the quality of its triathlons!
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