Australian athlete Ashleigh Gentle won the first women’s PTO Canadian Open in Canada on Saturday.
The new competition is part-owned by athletes as part of a push to make the sport more rewarding and sustainable for those taking part.
The first event took part in Edmonton, in Canada, and Ashleigh romped home.
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After the three-lap swim section, Gentle trailed Vittoria Lopes by just over half a minute. Lopes is one of the strongest swimmers in the women’s triathlon but the Australian did well to stay within touching distance before cutting into her lead.
The bike course ran for 80km over four laps and Lopes initially held onto her lead and Paula Findlay brought herself into contention as she moved into second place.
Gentle was still close to the leading pair, trailing by a similar margin as she had done from the swim section.
Findlay eventually swept past Lopes who dropped down to seventh for the run section, but Gentle was in second, a little over two minutes behind.
It was at this point that the Australian started to take control, quickly knocking off half a minute from the lead in the first 2500m, and on lap four Gentle was a minute behind.
At 7.5km, Gentle moved into the lead and stretched into an unassailable lead for victory. Findlay claimed second, and Chelsea Sodaro scored third place.

PTO Canadian Open results

1. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) – 3:30:54
2. Paula Findlay (CAN) – 3:33:16
3. Chelsea Sodaro (USA) – 3:34:56
4. Laura Philipp (GER) – 3:35:10
5. Julie Derron (SUI) – 3:36:18
6. Holly Lawrence (GBR) – 3:37:43
7. Vittoria Lopes (BRA) – 3:38:14
8. Ellie Salthouse (AUS) – 3:38:34
9. Sophie Watts (USA) – 3:39:28
10. Nicola Spirig (SUI) – 3:39:50
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