ANAPOLIS/GOIANIA - In the first game of the day (10/7) in Anápolis, Argentina won against the men's team of Kazakhstan by 3-1. Fucundo Martinez, Argentina’s number 7, was the top scorer, with two goals.

Thailand surprised this Sunday and won the confrontation with the Germans, with a final score of 5-3.

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The Czech men’s team ended in 3rd place at the WUC Futsal 2016. The team faced France and beat ‘Les Bleus’ with 11-3. Mouhoudine Souheil, who made the third French goal, explained the defeat. "It was a very tough match and our team missed in aggressiveness and concentration on the game."

Men's Final BRA vs RUS

With a balanced game, hard and with strong offensive play from both sides, the Brazilian men’s team grabbed their fifth WUC Futsal title this Sunday afternoon (10/7). The narrow 2-1 victory against Russia was a sweet revenge, since the previous edition in 2014, the Brazilian team lost the title to Russia, in Malaga, Spain.

Portugal faced Canada and won the women’s match with tactical strength. The Portuguese scored only one goal in the first half of the match, but in the second, they were more effective in plays and closed the score with 6-0 claiming the women’s bronze medal.

Women's Final BRA vs RUS

The Brazilian women’s team also beat its Russian counterpart to clinch the 5th title at the World University Futsal Championship. The match ended in 1-0, with a goal from the top scorer and number 9 of Brazil, Renatinha. The score reflects well the high level game. Amandinha, the Brazilian number 10, considered the world's best female futsal player for two consecutive years, was key to the victory.

(Source: WUC Futsal OC)


Category Female Male
Top scorer and best player Renatinha (15 goals) - Brazil Johnny (9 goals) - Brazil
Best goalkeeper Anastasha Ivanova - Russia Pavlos Wiegels - Germany
Best defender Inês Fernandes - Portugal Serguei Abramovich - Russia
Best wing 1 Joelle Gosselin - Canada Souheil Mouhoudine - France
Best wing 2 Jessika Karoline - Brazil Fabricio Bastezini - Brazil
Best center forward Renata Adamatti - Brazil Johnny Gomes – Brazil
Fair-Play New Zealand New Zealand


Final Ranking Women Men
GOLD Brazil Brazil
SILVER Russia Russia
BRONZE Portugal Czech Republic
4 Canada France
5 Mexico Thailand
6 Bolivia Germany
7 Argentina Argentina
8 New Zealand Kazakhstan
9 Colombia Portugal
10 Kazakhstan Israel
11 China
12 New Zealand

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