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4th WUC Weightlifting – Day 3 of Competitions

4th WUC Weightlifting – Day 3 of Competitions

07/12/2014 at 19:17Updated 07/12/2014 at 19:21

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CHIANG MAI - Different day, same start. This third day of competition at the 4th WUC Weightlifting started once again with a grand slam for a Thaï athlete. In the women’s 69kg Suwannaratana (THA) won the gold medals of the snatch (97kg), clean and jerk (115kg) and total (212kg). The double silver medallist at the IWF junior world championships (2012, 2011) was followed in the snatch by Treutlein (GER) with 92kg and Aguinaga (MEX), 92kg. In clean and jerk, silver went to Grigoreva (112kg) who also won the total silver medal (203). Aguinaga (MEX) won all three bronze medals with 112kg in clean and jerk and a total of 199kg.

In the first men’s event of the day, the 85kg category Kang (KOR) grabbed the gold medal in snatch with a 145kg lift ahead of Poland’s Pawlicki (141kg), 10th at the 2012 WUC in Eilat, Israel and Woelmer (USA) with 130kg. Pawlicki could then take his revenge after having dominated the clean and jerk event with a 171kg lift ahead of Kang (166kg) and Woelmer (160kg). This offered Pawlicki another gold medal in the total with 312kg, one more than Kang (311kg), the bronze once again going to Woelmer (USA) with 290kg.

No local athlete was involved in the women’s 75kg competition in which the battle for gold opposed 2014 Commonwealth Champion and bronze medallist in the Kazan Universiade Marie-Eve Beauchemin Nadeau (CAN) to Jaqueline Ferreira (BRA), silver medallist in the previous edition. If Ferreira managed to take the gold in the snatch with 103kg ahead of Beauchemin Nadeau (101kg) and Garza (MEX) 96kg; the Canadian showed her value on the clean and jerk with a 134kg barbell far ahead of Ferreira (121kg) and Garza (118kg). This performance ensured Beauchemin Nadeau of the title in total (235kg) followed by Ferreira (224kg) and Garza (214kg), a new line on the career record of the 2014 Commonwealth Games winner.

In the last competition of the day, Grela (POL), 4th of the last WUC and 5th at the Universiade in Kazan, took the gold of the men’s 94kg snatch competition leaving the two local lifters Sumpradit and Tibnoke behind respectively with silver (165kg) and bronze (151kg). The clean and jerk competition was again a battle between the three lifters. With 192kg, Tibnoke offered a new bronze medal to Thailand and ensured the third place in the total (343kg). Few moments later Grela lifted the first 200kg barbell of this Championship shortly followed by Sumpradint, the local lifter the gold for 0,01kg bodyweight difference. Grela nevertheless kept the title for the total with 375kg ahead of Sumpradint (365kg).

Monday will be the last day of competition and the Closing Ceremony of this 4th World University Championships in Chiang Mai.

(Source: J. Buhajezuk, WUC Dept.)



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