There was a very classy moment during the second day of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022 as Francois Perrodo made a big point of apologising after causing a crash.
The unfortunate incident occurred at the famous race when Perrodo instinctively reacted to a slight move towards him from a car to his right. As he moved slightly to his left without thinking, he shunted the Corvette 64.
What was not a major contact ended up being pretty disastrous for the Corvette team as the car, driven by Britain's Alexander Sims, flew out of control into the barrier before again striking it further down the track.
Le Mans 24hr
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It was a nightmare moment for Corvette with the car's race immediately over in shocking fashion. Fortunately, Sims was okay, but the car was not able to resume.
Perrodo took the tough decision to then walk a long way through the paddock to find the Corvette team and express his sincere apologies in heartwarming footage captured by Eurosport.
Thankfully, Perrodo's gesture was warmly received by Corvette and it made for a very touching moment of racing reaction as they discussed the incident and attempted to make amends.
"I am sorry, guys. There are no words," Perrodo was heard to say in the exchange, with "thanks for coming over" a response in his direction.
"That is Francois Perrodo heading down to Corvette," came the explanation from the Eurosport commentary box.
"These are men of honour, they just are. They get it. It is great to see the effort of Francois heading over there - it is surely not easy.
"Looking at this situation, apologising to everyone in the team, it is tough. I actually feel quite emotional. That is what I hoped and expected to see - he knows what a huge moment this is.
"It was nice to see Alexander Sims come out of that car because that was a big hit."

Watch dramatic moment Perrodo crashes into Corvette 64 at Le Mans

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