eSports WTCC title contender Q&A: Márk Nándori

eSports WTCC title contender Q&A: Márk Nándori

10/11/2017 at 18:00Updated 10/11/2017 at 18:35

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He’s 18 points behind eSports WTCC leader Alexander Dornieden but has the support of online racer turned factory FIA World Touring Car Championship driver Norbert Michelisz. This is what OSCARO eSports by SDL Honda driver Márk Nándori had to say when he spoke to eSports WTCC partner RaceRoom’s Robert Wiesenmüller.

Q: Márk, it has been a great story, winning on your debut and going from underdog to title favourite. But after the Suzuka eSports WTCC event your championship hopes have taken a big hit. Do you believe you can still catch Alexander Dornieden? A:“Suzuka was a total disappointment to me. I had a good pace to finish in the top 10 in both races, but after the accident in Race 1 with Nikodem [Wisniewski] and I totally lost the focus. But life goes on so I have to focus on Macau now and forget all previous races. I think 18 points is even reversible with a bit of luck. Before the season my goal was that I collect some podiums and extend my limits. But after three race wins at Monza, Spa and Slovakia and some of podiums I have to increase my expectations. Now of course, the goal is to win the championship.”

Q: This season, you’ve probably not always been the fastest drivers but have definitely been one of the best drivers in the thick of the battle from a tactical point of view. How much will this help you in Macau?A:“The key to be successful in the whole season is to qualify in the top 10 race by race. Also an important thing is to make good starts because if you have a great start you can catch some positions easily with good positioning without any aggressiveness. You have to be still focused during the races and wait for the opponents to make mistakes and take advantage of it. In Macau this is the only way to finish the races in good positions.”

Q: Some of the fastest drivers in the championship, like Kévin Leaune or Norbert Leitner, are driving in the same team as you. How does this play out in the preparation for the races?
A:“We start every leaderboard challenges with different set-ups and after some days we share our set-ups. I prefer the default set-up until I can find some time in the track with it. Most of the races the best set-ups that we use are made by Kevin or Norbert. The only race where I used my own set-up was Portimão. As we can see, the Volvos are the best in most of the competitions so it is a good basis to see where we are with the Honda. Sometimes we are watching our best laps on video and compare it with the others laps to learn from it.”

Q: Norbert Michelisz said that he is following your progress, and supporting you this season. Is this just more pressure or more motivation?
A:“Definitely a good motivation but I don’t think that is more pressure. Of course, that was an unforgettable moment when I saw the video before the Shanghai races. One weekend left, two races, 50 collectable points so everything can happen.”