Both the SEAT sport drivers were involved in a severe crash in qualifying on Friday. After tests at a local hospital and a night’s rest the pair were seen by the FIA doctors Jean-Jacques Isserman and Jacques Tropenat on Saturday and given the all clear.
Gabriele Tarquini said: "Physically I feel a bit stiff but fortunately we have had one day to recover so I hope on race day I wake up a little bit better than now.
"I was optimistic for another pole but ended up in the hospital so you know never know. I couldn’t have avoided the accident. It was the track conditions and Yvan stopped just after the cloud of cement dust and I couldn’t avoid him. I was on full throttle and hit him at 130kph. The car was destroyed so I thought it was impossible to make the races but the mechanics said not to worry and they repaired it."
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Yvan Muller added: "I am able to race, I feel well but for some muscular pains. I fold but I don’t break. There was doubt about my car but the team did a fantastic job. It was a lot of hours of work but they did it. I’m a bit disappointed because my lap time before the crash was fast but probably too fast! Macau is impossible to predict so I don’t like to guess what might happen tomorrow. I don’t like to gamble!"
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