Uruguayan WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup racer Santiago Urrutia was invited to meet his country’s President, Luis Lacalle Pou, yesterday. This is what the Cyan Performance Lynk & Co driver had to say.

A big day for you, meeting your country’s President. What was that like?“It was great to meet the President, it was like a congrats to myself about joining WTCR and then getting the win [at WTCR Race of Aragón]. I had met the previous President but this was the first time I met the current President. He became President this year and he’s a great guy for sure.”

What did you talk about?“We spoke about a lot of things, this season, the future, but one of the things I told him was I really want to have a WTCR race in Uruguay, to bring WTCR to my country. He was like, ‘okay, we have to work on it’.  I’m dreaming about one day racing WTCR in Uruguay and the meeting was really good. He also helped me a lot with the interest from the media. There were radios and TV and next Sunday they are making a special TV programme about myself and WTCR.”

He must be very pleased about what you’ve done for Uruguay?“He thinks it’s awesome, especially because I am the only one racing in WTCR. He feels it’s like a motivation for the young people, not only for the young guys racing in go-karts but for others. Even if we are coming from a small country, if you push hard for your dreams you can get them is what he said to me. He told me he’s very proud what I’ve done and told me it’s good motivation for the young people.”

Especially because your story is quite incredible, leaving home with nothing but then going on to win an FIA world series race?“I left my house when I was 14 years old to race. I was looking everywhere for sponsors [to continue and race in WTCR] then finally I got this call from Cyan to go and test. And they decided to take me so it was something I always dreamed of. I always wished to be professional. It’s not easy, but the guys give me the chance. This season was more than I expected. The goal from the team was to win both championships so to win a race and have pole positions for myself was more than I expected.”

And you gave him a nice present before leaving?“I give him in one of my race suits from the season, I wanted to give him something. I thought before I would give him my TAG Heuer watch for winning the TAG Heuer Best Lap Trophy in Aragón but then I remembered I already gave it to my Dad! So, I gave the president my race suit instead!”

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