You thought water slides were for kids? You were wrong.
This absolute monster measures a mesmerising 600m or 2,000ft in length with riders getting up to an outrageous 30 to 40 mph as they hurtle to the bottom.
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The slide was the brain child of Jim Hunt, who first constructed it in his native New Zealand - where the above video was shot - but its home now is in New Jersey’s Action Park.
Action Park claim the slide is the longest in the world, but that has yet to be verified by the good people from Guinness World Records.
Reagrdless, it looks superb fun. 
Hunt came up with the idea to raise awareness for mental health charity Live More Awesome. “No one can be sad on a water slide,” said Mr Hunt, and who can argue with that looking at the above videos.
The water slide is yet to be approved for public use, reports Mashable, otherwise we would be right over there.
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