Our social media channels will fall silent from 3pm on Friday until midnight on Monday as we join others in taking a stand against hate on social media platforms.
English football’s governing bodies, teams and players initially announced the boycott in a move to pressure Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to better address racist abuse on their platforms, with cases of professional players being targeted being reported on a near daily basis.
Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry had announced in March that he would be leaving social media as “the sheer volume of racism, bullying and resulting mental torture to individuals is too toxic to ignore.”
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Henry also said that he would remain off social media "until the people in power are able to regulate their platforms with the same vigour and ferocity that they currently do when you infringe copyright.”
Last Sunday, the FA, Premier League, EFL, Women’s Super League, PFA, LMA, PGMOL, Kick It Out, and various other bodies announced a united football front in organising the boycott.
A statement from the groups said:
"As a collective, the game recognises the considerable reach and value of social media to our sport. The connectivity and access to supporters who are at the heart of football remains vital.
"However, the boycott shows English football coming together to emphasise that social media companies must do more to eradicate online hate, while highlighting the importance of educating people in the ongoing fight against discrimination.
"Boycott action from football in isolation will, of course, not eradicate the scourge of online discriminatory abuse, but it will demonstrate that the game is willing to take voluntary and proactive steps in this continued fight."
This week momentum behind the boycott has grown, with the movement spreading across sport. The LTA, Premiership Rugby, ECB and British Cycling have all joined in support of football.
UEFA also signalled its intent to observe the boycott in the first significant sign that the protest is spreading outside of the UK.
Eurosport stands alongside other broadcasters and sporting stakeholders in taking a stand against online hate. We join the boycott in solidarity with those affected and in the hope that change will come swiftly.
Our statement reads:
"Eurosport will join the FA, Premier League, EFL, PFA, LMA, PGMOL, Kick It Out, Women in Football, the FSA and fellow broadcasters in uniting for a social media boycott from 3pm on Friday 30 April to 11.59pm on Monday 3 May, in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players and many others connected to football. This boycott has received support from across the sporting community, including from the LTA, Premiership Rugby, British Cycling and the ECB, and we will not be posting any sports content on our social platforms during the boycott period."
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