Stage 16 of the Giro d'Italia has been cut from 212km to 155km with Passo Fedaia and Passo Pordoi cut from the stage.
The climbing has been reduced from 5700m to around 3800m. The Cima Coppi, the prize at the highest climb of the Giro, will be awarded to the first rider to the summit of the Passo Giau.
The stage will start at 11:30 local time in Italy, an hour ahead of its originally scheduled time.
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"It looks like it will be a summit finish," Bradley Wiggins said on The Breakaway. "There will be two races on the go. The breakaway I imagine will go, those guys will continue over the Passo Giau and race down Cortina for the stage win. The likes of Bernal will declothe on the way up and the attacks will start.
"It's an opportunity for Bernal, who thrives at altitude to essentially stop the clock at a summit finish.
"Stop at the top, get changed, put some clothes on and warm up for the descent and roll in. He could finish half an hour down on the stage but obviously the clock stops at the top.
"I don't think the riders all wanted to ride this stage. There is not a cyclist that I know that would not have been happy about it today.
"As a fan sitting here now, this is what the Giro is about. When I rode the Giro in 2003, we got eliminated on a stage like this because it was snowing. That was the famous stage Pantani attacked on a descent and crashed in the snow.
"This is what makes the Giro. To lose a stage like that… it’s shame that we’re losing that a little bit.”
EF's Hugh Carthy said: "If they cancel the stage, they cancel the stage but I’ve prepared for 212km and I’m ready for the stage...
Wrap up, eat a lot, drink a lot, spin your legs, do the things you were told as a rider, the boring stuff and hope for the best to be honest.
"It’s a complicated stage in this weather and your mind can be the biggest factor. As riders, we have to work together and make a decision together. I want to ride the whole stage and I want to finish in the Cortina but if they cancel it they cancel it, it’s not my decision."
Cristian Salvato, a representative for the CPA - the riders union - said: "I think it’s the best decision.
"The riders want to race the stage and put on a show but the stage was going to go over 2000m three times. We hoped for an improvement in the weather and tried to do the whole stage but looking at the forecasts for the high mountains they could get worse.
"We didn’t want to expose the riders to risks in the high mountains and I want to thank RCS Sport for taking the best decision possible. The Passo Giau is still set to be raced in the hope the weather improves during the day.
"The riders will race hard and put on a show."
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