Hansperter Bolliger was awarded the Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy at Estoril in recognition of his 38-year passion for endurance racing. The 12 Hours of Estoril – the 2019-2020 FIM EWC season finale – was the final race at the helm for the founder and manager of Bolliger Team Switzerland.

Sporting a luxuriant blond moustache, Hanspeter Bolliger (or ‘Hämpu’ as he is fondly known) is a familiar sight in the FIM EWC paddock. Bolliger Team Switzerland is one of the most iconic teams of the FIM Endurance World Championship, dating back practically as long as Suzuki Endurance Racing Team.

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Hanspeter’s first race, the 1982 24 Hours of Imola, sparked his passion for endurance racing. Since the 1990s, his independent team Bolliger Team Switzerland have regularly given the factory teams a run for their money on their Kawasaki bearing the number 8.

Backed by a loyal team of volunteers, Hanspeter has managed and brought on Bolliger Team for the past 38 years. Having trained as a mechanic and done some racing in the early stages of his career, he never hesitates to get his hands dirty whenever a mechanical issue crops up in the course of a race.

The 12 Hours of Estoril this past Saturday was his last race at the helm of Bolliger Team Switzerland. The Swiss team are in good hands for the next chapter in their endurance racing saga, with Hanspeter’s son Kevin Bolliger taking over as manager.

FIM EWC promoter François Ribeiro awarded Hanspeter Bolliger the Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy in recognition of his competitive spirit, his determination to finish every race and his long-lasting passion for endurance racing,

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The Anthony Delhalle EWC Spirit Trophy is awarded to a rider or team who does something remarkable during the race: climbing back up the ranks, repairing a bike, helping a competitor, or accomplishing a collective or individual feat. The honorary award, decided by a jury and given out in the course of the FIM EWC championship, is intended to keep alive the competitive spirit and character of Anthony Delhalle, a great rider whose life was tragically cut short in March 2017.

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