Maldini was part of the Milan side which beat Juventus on penalties in the 2003 final with Buffon part of the losing Bianconeri side.
With former teammate Andrea Pirlo now playing for Juventus as well, Maldini has plenty of reason to support his long-term Serie A rivals.
"Of course I'll be supporting Juve, I have friends playing for them," Maldini told La Gazzetta dello Sport.
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Gianluigi Buffon

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"I have had everything in my life, and while teasing can be fun I will not be rooting against my own.
"Besides, Buffon deserves it since he has been the best goalkeeper of the last three decades and is an icon of world football.
He is always smiling and always calm. Often he is criticised on the basis only of his age, since the same mistake 10 years ago would be forgiven… I know that from experience!"
Maldini won an astonishing five European Cups in total, playing in eight finals in total, and he feels playing in a European Cup final is a unique experience.

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"Yes, the emotion is stronger the first time around. You take everything in as you never known if it will happen to you again. I then went on to play in eight finals, but you have to take it all in your stride.
"If the group is not ready the tension can be a bad thing. It is important to have a coach who can speak with assurance and calmness, and then there are also the leaders in the side. In Berlin Buffon, Andrea Pirlo and Carlos Tevez will be crucial."
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