Anyone who’s watched Tottenham’s All or Nothing will know the two words Jose Mourinho must have uttered when chasing down Eric Dier and finally discovering what he was up to.
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Spurs are playing so regularly this season that Dier has no time for anything in between, it seems, and it led Mourinho to describing his defender as “inhuman” – not for what went on, y’know, in there, but for playing 180 minutes in two days. Or 179 minutes actually on the pitch, as many pointed out. Dier, meanwhile, said:
After playing on Sunday and then tonight, it wasn't easy. Maybe that was one of the reasons I had to run off the pitch in the second half. He (Mourinho) wasn't happy but there was nothing I could do about it really. Nature was calling! There was a chance when I wasn't on the pitch but thankfully they didn't score.
It just about summed up the madness of Spurs’ campaign, where they played yesterday, they play tomorrow, and will repeat that seemingly for eternity.
But we’re all for it if it continues to entertain. Beyond Dier being caught short then giving a two-handed condolence to Mason Mount, the man who missed the crucial penalty last night, there was the former Jose favourite Frank Lampard riling his former manager.
And then in a match which produced better off-field moments than on it, Gareth Bale first made himself into an easy meme…
Before showing he much he actually cares when he watches a team he cares for…
Carabao must have that effect, and Spurs are all for it.


Which way has it gone?
Manchester City’s… obviously, with the club paying big for Ruben Dias.
All the while, it was nothing short of a transfer frenzy for Manchester United fans on social media on Tuesday – rumours wise, at least. Just how will other sides cope when Dembele, Sancho, Jovic and Cavani link up with Greenwood, Rashford and Martial?
Obviously that’s not going to happen, but now there is less than a week until the October 5 deadline for deals with other European clubs, United are well and truly hitting the panic button.
A bid for Jadon Sancho has reportedly been rejected, while a loan move for Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele was also being suggested, so how does this all play out?
Sep 30: The big question, will United up their Sancho bid? Dortmund dismiss the reports.
Oct 1: Sancho deal looks dead in the water. United approach Barca about a Dembele loan.
Oct 2: Dembele deal looks dead in the water. United approach Juve about a Douglas Costa loan.
Oct 3: Costa deal looks…. You get the picture. But what’s this, another bid for Sancho? An extra €1m added to the potential add-ons?
Oct 4: Sancho bid rejected. Now come on Watford, what about Ismaila Sarr on loan with an option to buy?
Oct 5 morning: Sarr bid rejected. Another Sancho bid rejected. United reignite Dembele interest but he turns the opportunity down. A late push for Jovic and Cavani also fails, because it seems United are willing to sign anyone, even a centre-forward when they’ve been targeting a wide player all window, just to bring anyone in. Anyone.
Oct 5 afternoon: Welcome Back Marouane Fellaini!
You heard it here first.


The football ladder is a common phrase we and many a site have used to describe the tiered system of English football, but it can hardly be called so at the moment with the rungs so far apart.
While the Premier League champions have the concern of being without a player due to coronavirus for 10 days, Macceslfield Town fans now find themselves without a club.
The side have been expelled from the National League after being would up by the High Court a fortnight ago.
Players and staff have been made redundant, while their season-opener this Saturday is now no more. This is the stark reality for clubs lower down the ladder, that they might no longer exist, and actually end up putting their stadium up for sale… Action must be taken now or else the game as we know it will be beyond recovery. And this is football, imagine what’s going on across other sports in this country and abroad.


More Tottenham news, kind of but not really, for former Spurs striker Sergiy Rebrov will be doing something his old side aren't this season. Playing in the Champions League.
The former Ukraine international has guided Hungarian champions Ferencvaros to the group stage of the competition after a 0-0 home draw with Molde followed a 3-3 draw in Norway. Ah, the away goals rule, and a delightful touch with the Champions League anthem at full time as Rebrov's side made the cut for the first time in 25 years!


Okay that Carabao really does do something. On debut, Sergio Reguilon’s pace and subsequent tackle is doing the rounds and delighting many a Spurs fan…


Rondón and his teammates have been confined to two floors of the hotel, a situation briefly relaxed from this week as the league takes a mid-season break. He has not seen his family for three months and the FaceTime calls to their home in Spain are bittersweet. Social life has been confined to encounters with peers; he has bumped into Jordi Cruyff, who manages Shenzen, in the lobby and a camaraderie has developed among the motley crew of cohabitees.
The Guardian’s Nick Ames interviews former West Brom and Newcastle striker Salomón Rondón, who has been confined to a hotel in China with his team for two months.


Another gallon of Carabao with four more fourth-round matches – Newport v Newcastle, Burnley v Man City, Brighton v Man Utd, Everton v West Ham. Drama awaits. And then, of course, Spurs are in action tomorrow.
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