A protester nearly caused a serious incident at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday evening, when they hit the spider-cam cables while parachuting into the ground, spiralling out of control.
The parachuting activist was wearing a motorised propeller, presumably in order to circle above the pitch ahead of kick-off and cause a televised moment of disruption.
But the intended outcome never materialised as they struck a television cable and swerved perilously close to the stands and down onto the Allianz Arena turf.
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Germany’s Toni Rudiger, who was in position shortly before kick-off in the Group F match against France, went across to check on the wellbeing of the protester, before they were taken away by security.
“You may not have seen it on TV, but I can testify the drama wasn’t far away,” said Eurosport’s Maxime Dupuis, who had watched the protester skim the heads of the watching supporters as they only just managed to avoid potentially causing serious injury to themselves and a number of the spectators.
It isn't the first example of a protest disrupting a major tournament match. Russian punk band Pussy Riot managed to invade the pitch during the final of the 2018 World Cup in their home country.
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