Paris attacks timeline: What happened at the Stade de France

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Police stand outside the Stade de France where explosions were reported to have detonated outside the stadium.

Image credit: Reuters

ByMaxime Dupuis
14/11/2015 at 10:59 | Updated 14/11/2015 at 11:31

Eurosport France journalist Maxime Dupuis has charted the horrific happenings on Friday evening starting when an explosion was heard during the France v Germany match at the Stade de France.

The first explosions heard near the Stade de France came during the first half of the match between France and Germany before the evacuation of spectators two hours later. Here is Maxime's timeline of the happenings enveloping a horrific night in Paris. All local times (GMT +1 hour).

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Deadly explosions near Stade de France as attacks strike Paris

14/11/2015 AT 08:29


An explosion is heard near the Stade de France with the France and Germany match continuing. Spectators are not warned. The home fans continue to encourage their side unaware of the goings on nearby.


A new explosion is heard near the Stadium.


While other attacks take place in Paris, the President of France François Hollande, present at the Stade de France, leaves the stadium. The head of state joins the Place Beauvau for a crisis meeting at the Interior Ministry.


A helicopter flies over the Stade de France. Throughout the second half and for many minutes, it remains over the top of the stadium.

Football fans gather in the field as they wait for security clearance to leave the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, after the friendly football match France vs Germany on November 13, 2015 following shootings and explosions near the stadium

Image credit: AFP


A few minutes from the end of the match, Christian Jeanpierre advises viewers of TF1 in France that the evening is marked by "terrible" events in the streets of Paris and the channel disrupts its programmes for the evening.


The announcer at the Stade de France confirms that an "incident" on the outside of the grounds will force fans to leave with assistance from the authorities. They have been asked to leave the stadium through three doors (north, south and west).


On TF1, Grégory Goupil of the police trade union says after the meeting that the two explosions near the Stade de France were caused by two suicide bombers, who were carrying "explosive belts". "We have no exact news for now, the police are trying to secure the perimeter to allow the evacuation of 80, 000 people," he adds.


A stampede occurs with the fans aware of what has happened in the evening in Paris. Spectators who had quickly left return in large numbers to the pitch at the Stade de France. Some people run, but nobody seems to panic. Everything is done in peace and a security cordon is set up by stewards.


The music covers the sound of voices on the pitch. Police sirens, throbbing, are the only sounds which correspond to the drama outside.


The speaker announces that spectators massed on the pitch will get out of the stadium. Everything is "secure," he says. All means of traditional transport (RER, metro) work perfectly.

Stade de France

Image credit: Eurosport


The press conferences of both teams are cancelled.


The security cordon tightens the grandstand to the west, the spectators leave the pitch, through the doors next to the rostrum.


The pitch begins to empty. Stewards, wearing their fluorescent coats, are the latest on the pitch. In front of the Stade de France, no one gives in to panic. A France supporter reflects his experiences: "During the game, we heard explosions but did not suspect anything." Without yielding to emotion.


AFP announces that at least one of the deadly explosions near Stade de France is caused by a suicide bomber who himself died. The two explosions killed at least three, according to these sources. "A man blew himself up with an explosive belt", one of the sources told AFP. The other explosion occurred near the restaurant McDonald's in Plaine-Saint-Denis, another riverside town stadium.


The English FA will make contact with their French counterparts at the weekend to discuss the friendly match between the two teams, scheduled for Tuesday at Wembley. It is likely to be cancelled with French President Francois Hollande declaring three days of mourning.


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