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The Warm-Up: United's treatment of Rashford shows no loyalty

The Warm-Up: United's treatment of Rashford shows no loyalty

20/01/2020 at 09:50Updated 20/01/2020 at 11:09

Plus, Erling Braut Haaland is the real deal (watch his goals here), Tottenham are definitely better without their best player Harry Kane and Liverpool have won the league.


This sort of ineptitude is a scandal

If - probably when as they are toilet - Marcus Rashford leaves Manchester United for a better club then he will have his loyalty questioned. 'The club gave him his chance and at the first opportunity he has left the club that gave him his chance jadda jadda jadda badge', or an iteration of the above will be trotted out by some dope on some message board, on Twitter or in the stands.

When said nonsense gets spouted please somehow show said nonsense-spouter the below tweet:

This sort of behaviour cuts careers short. Think that is hyperbole? Well, it happened to Michael Owen, you know, the Ballon d'Or winner who ended up a not-so impact sub at Stoke, and it also happened to Wayne Rooney, who, lest it be forgotten, was once seen as an actual peer of Cristiano Ronaldo, and is now having his wages paid by a bookmaker.

Clubs show limited loyalty to their players - they are viewed as assets with a finite shelf life and are treated as such.

And it is indicative of how badly run Manchester United are that a 22-year-old had to play through immense pain to try to drag a club of United's resources through an FA Cup tie against Wolves.

The issues are manifold at the club but a lot go back to their disastrous summer transfer window where they sold but failed to replace two strikers. Thus leaving a club of United's standing and clout reliant on Rashford and the result is two stress fractures in his back and a loose bit of bone knocking around his ankle.

So, when Rashford does one in a year or two let's wind in the lack of loyalty chat because United showed him none.

Video - Solskjaer confirms Rashford stress fracture and hints at emergency signings


Erling Braut Haaland is good

Now, the Warm-Up is a sceptic at heart. For example, Lionel Messi *could* just be a 14-season wonder - only time will tell to be fair.

So, when Erling Braut Haaland started to tear up the Austrian league, it felt as though he *could* be a three-month wonder you know?

Anyway, a move to Borussia Dortmund beckoned, where the little upstart hit a hat-trick as a substitute against Augsburg in a 5-3 win on his debut.

Therefore, it can declared with complete certainty that Haaland is in fact the actual real deal.

Well done.

Tottenham are definitely better without Harry Kane

That's three games with zip goals for a Harry Kane-less Spurs but it is okay because according some egg on Twitter, whose avatar is an egg, Tottenham Hotspur are a much better outfit without Kane.

The evidence is undeniable: Tottenham won some games before Kane was injured. (In the interests of balance, it is important to note here that they have also won some games with Kane.)

To be fair, the rate at which Kane has scored for Tottenham has slowed a bit. However, the rate at which his hit rate has slowed has roughly matched the rate at which Tottenham create chances had slowed. Who knew that to score goals a striker needed chances. Perhaps he isn't a fraud.

Also, to the 'If Kane doesn't score he adds nothing to the team' brigade, please actually watch a game of football this fraud plays in as he is England's best link man; he came through the youth ranks as a number 10, and plays as such.


Liverpool have won the league.


Top tifoing, here.

Not sure if the Peter Andre wannabe deserves such reverence but still great tifoing.


Hero: Matt Ritchie

That's some accuracy.

Zero: This opinion

Hendo for Keane. Please. And it is Keano, BTW.

This fella took a well-deserved ratioing.

ZERO II: What on earth?


That £9.99 per month subscription to the Athletic goes a long, long way.

Simon Hughes went on a 15-hour trot so you didn't have to. be fair, said journey is a very decent barometer of why the many ridiculously talented football players will not make it and some will.


Roy Keane, who is definitely a better footballer than Jordan Henderson, loved a bit of aggro in his playing days.

One said piece of aggro was with Alfie Inge Haaland, Erling Braut's old man. Haaland Sr once accused Keane of diving...when Keane had actually torn his cruciate ligament.

This was Keane's retribution (PARENTAL ADVISORY caution for the disgusting tackle):


More tennis than you can shake a racket at as the Australian Open gets in full swing. Lovely stuff.

Nick Miller *should* be here tomorrow if he can drag himself away from his Eurosport Player subscription (a measly £4.99) where he will be watching every minute of this season's first Grand Slam.